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Although I respect idols for wanting a more private life, I appreciate idols who post or vlog about their lives. N.Flying’s 2IDIOTS show what Hun and Jaehyun do in their free time and their antics, and I appreciate the effort that they put in because even though they’re busy, they still upload around twice a week.

Jaehyun is just too beautiful. I have a hard time even believing in his existence bc whenever he does anything it seems so flawless. I have trouble believing that that man is made of flesh. I fear that if i went to an nct concert all the other members would be there and he’d just be a hologram. He isn’t even my nct bias since i don’t stan ai but i can’t help but feel this way. He’s unreal and its unfair.

Jaewoo is the cutest nct ship, Jaehyun once said that Jungwoo is very comfortable with him and Jungwoo keeps clinging to Jaehyun, and not to mention when they dressed up as Jack and Rose for Halloween

I don’t understand why Jaehyun is so popular. There’s just something about him that’s so off.. like I get weird vibes from him. You know when you watch horror movies and there’s those towns people who have 4 seconds of screen time and just eerily stare at the main characters driving by moments before their car mysteriously breaks down? Well Jaehyun gives me that kind of vibe. Kind of like the family from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie, specially the two women the ones who kept the baby. He’s just weird and I can’t figure him out. And I don’t think he’s a bad guy but I wish he wasn’t so over hyped for doing the bare minimum. I mean even when his stans talk about him, the say things like “he’s a nice guy” as if they all aren’t nice guys. I mean at least when fans talk about members like Taeyong or Doyoung, they mention character traits that pertain specifically to them.

Jaehyun finally came through a dropped a bit of his skin care routine, but I found some of his fans surprised by how expensive the toner he uses is. Um, Jaehyun is (most likely) a million dollar idol, he’s not using over the counter Walmart cosmetics on rollback. And as Doyoung even said, if we use the products he does, we still won’t get his skin, it’s genetic. I hope no one tries to spend money they don’t have to get to an unattainable outcome.

Jaehyuns has a really unique visuals he sort of reminds me of 90’s hollywood heartthrob.

Jaehyun showing off his abs in Yutas Log video on YT was the best and worst thing to happen. Best thing because I love his little outtie belly button (which a lot of people surprisingly found weird.. like damn I didn’t realise outties were rare. I have one too 😭) but also the worst because NCTzens are so dysfunctional it naturally started drama. Some fans don’t know how to just enjoy things and move on. I’m glad he (& Taeyong) had a good time showing off their bodies I enjoyed myself too

I know it physically ailes NCT fans to let any joke go, but can y’all PLEASE stop asking Jaehyun about his skin care routine? I’m so tired of him and the others addressing it. Y’all already know he has no routine. He’s just hot with good skin. It’s genetic. There’s no product he could recommend or any strategy he could give you to make you look less greasy. That’s just life man.

It has been almost a year ago, but I’ve seen a post about a rumoured NCT Ballad unit with Taeil, Kun, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Renjun, Haechan, and Chenle and I really hope that it becomes reality, even if it’s just one song as NCT U.

I’m glad that Jaehyun has an outtie. It makes me feel less self conscious about my outtie. Outties unite!