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Jay Park was on of the first Korean artists I knew and loved but the longer I followed him, the more I started to dislike him. Not only has he repeatedly offended and appropriated black culture, but he still keeps on doing that and doesn’t seem to understand or care at all. On top of that he seems to get more and more arrogant because of his success. The way he presents himself in his social media posts does not imply that he’s proud of his achievements, but that he wants to shove it down the whole world’s throats by bragging about how cool and rich and how much better and more worth than others he is because he “started from scratch and not with a silver spoon in his mouth”. It’s really sad, but his personality is so off putting, that I can’t even enjoy his music anymore.

Jay Park should make an english version of Mommae, that song would be a hit

I feel so old when I read things like “Jay Park used to be part of 2PM??”. Back when I was in high school, that was the shocker of my life. Kris leaving EXO was like “WHAT” but now people are going “who’s kris?”. It makes me feel really old and out of the loop from all these young groups.

Ever since Jay Park started trying to break out into the U.S. music industry, his music has been horrible. He used to have nothing but bops so it sucks that now he’s become an artist that I’ll pass on. Maybe I’d like his English music better if he wasn’t rapping because he isn’t a good rapper. I more of like his singing. 

I was feeling disappointed in Jay Park lately because I felt like his music (and persona) was suffering for the sake of him trying to break out more as an artist in the States, but when he released V just the other day I was so pleasantly surprised with what it was. A million times better than whatever that Soju garbage was. THAT’S the Jay Park I know and unashamedly love.

looking at all the successful artists that left jype (hyuna, sunmi, jay park, etc.) makes me wonder how much faster they could have reached the top had those artists stayed

Jay Park is such a disappointment to me. He has a such great voice, yet he’s wasting himself on trying to break into the American market with this fake persona & imitating American rappers from his music to the way he talks and waves his hands around, probably because he thinks it’s the only way America WILL let him break through. He’s giving me so much secondhand embarrassment. Getting signed to Jay-Z’s label was a mistake.

The type of people Jay Park has been hanging around with/supporting/performing with is really making me worry about his character…

I don’t know why, but I really need Maluma and Jay Park to collab. I feel like they could make something beautiful together.


We feel ya, kid. We’d prob freeze in front of Jay Park too. xD