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I’ve noticed how, for males idols, JYP tends to guys that are “daddy”material. Some that come to mind are 2PM’s Teacyeon, GOT7’s JB and Stray Kids’ Bang Chan. But of course, most members of their respective groups do too (except the minors), but those 3 stand out the most to me

GOT7’s JB sounds like Sasuke’s japanese voice actor. Now that I think about. JB and Jackson’s dynamic reminds me of Naruto and Sasuke’s, only JB and Jackson is more friendly with no hostility

Taemin’s “Want” album and Just2’s debut album are so good!!! Taemin always makes epic sounds, so it’s really his vibe, and Jus2’s music is so chill and with a great R&B vibe. I’m in love with their debut title track

Visually wise, I think JB and Jennie would be such a good looking pair of friends. I don’t ship them by anyway means AT ALL (I hope this isn’t interpreted wrong)

JB of GOT7 is so underrated. The guy have a beautiful voice, is an amazing dancer and have great looks. He’s the whole idol package.

Why do I feel like the only people who blew the JB homophobia thing out of proportion were 2jae shippers because they realized one of them doesnt like men.

GOT7’s jinyoung is my ult bias but JB is hardcore bias-wrecking my life.

I think the JJ Project comeback was something all of Got7 needed. Afterwards, the vibe they had was completely different and better. And with Jaebum writing both their following title tracks and with the members becoming more involved with songwriting, they’ve kind of developed their sound and their latest albums were really great. I wish people would give them a chance. Their music really isn’t bad. Look was a whole bop, and You Are had such a freeing chorus. Also Paradise is a great song.

– [ ] Hate him for whatever reason, but JB is one of the finest idols in Kpop don’t at me. He is one sexy dude.

I have a strong feeling that one of the GOT7 members will take over JYPE in the future. My bet is either JB or Jinyoung or even both. JJ Project rise!!