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The way that Midzys have been attacking Somi is disgusting. Somi hasn’t done anything to anyone (and I’m pretty sure she’s friends with ITZY), yet Midzys keep attacking her all because she left JYP. It’s gross, and weird as Hell too because they know damn well that if Somi had joined ITZY then they would still be kissing her ass the same way that a lot of them did before she left JYP.

A little miffed at the fact that people are either constantly hating on Wonyoung because of salt, or do nothing about the hate, yet whenever Somi has any shred of negativity against her, even mild criticism, people constantly whine about why they kept ripping on a child, even though Wonyoung was younger in P48 than Somi was in Sixteen and the fact that Somi’s eighteen now and has been in the industry for a while. She’s not the same 14-year-old on Sixteen/Produce101 anymore, and she herself wanted an image change. There’s a reason why she left JYP for YG. Not saying Somi deserves hate, but I’m annoyed at the difference of treatment compared to Wonyoung.

Birthday by Somi is literally one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard in all my years. Its the hottest of garbage and i can’t believe that even her stans would pretend its even somewhat decent. But i was so surprised when I saw someone post her b-side Outta My Head. Not only was the song itself good but it even somehow masked her complete lack of vocal ability. Although birthday may have been more of a fitting concept with the song being that bad they would’ve been better off making outta my head the title.

Somi’s debut is really good in parts and segments, like if I’m scrolling through Instagram and I hear a bit I’m like “wow I should listen to it again!” But then I hear the whole thing and it’s not as great as I thought. She still really amazing though and she’s doing great. Also she’s?? So gorgeous??

I have no opinion on Somi but her debut felt like Black Pink rejects which so ironic as their songs were mostly for 2ne1. And the outfits looked very low budget. All that wait and for eh.

somi’s debut was a total letdown, but i’m not even remotely surprised. girl should not be a soloist, and teddy is a lousy producer, so i don’t think this could’ve turned out any different.

While I don’t think Somi deserves to be getting hate, it’s annoying to see to keep saying that people shouldn’t hate on her because she’s a child.. Somi is 18 years old now and I’m pretty sure most of the people sending her hate are her age, if not younger. She’s not the same 14 year old you saw on produce 101 and it’s time you stop seeing her that way.


Until the whole story is revealed, I’ll always be curious as to why Somi didn’t debut with ITZY. The time she left would’ve most likely been when they were discussing contracts and getting the final line up together, so what happened?

When I whatched Sixteen, I remember liking Somi and not understanding why so many people hated her. But when I whatched Produce 101, things changed. I don’t know if it is because she was the only one from the “great JYP” there, but her vibe was just… worse.