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First Scoups, now Jeonghan, Pledis doesn’t know how to manage Seventeen. Who thinks it’s a good idea to tire them to the point of forcing them to hiatus (one for mental health reasons, another for physical, who knows who else will fall) right before a world tour?

I feel like I’m the only one who didn’t like Jeonghan’s long hair and doesn’t wish for it to comeback. It wasn’t bad, but short hair suits him way better. His recent undercut is his best hairstyle yet, and I’d actually go nuts if he ever had a buzzcut similar to what EXO’s DO had. Well, at least something good will come out of mandatory military enlistment.

Jeonghan and Chuu have the most natural aegyo I have ever seen and I just want to be their friend so I can wrap them in blankets and give them my love

is it just me that thinks jeonghan has a VERY jpop-sounding voice? like he wouldn’t sound at all out of place next to actual jpop idols

i don’t get why pledis doesn’t give jeonghan screentime in their japanese mvs???? like i get not wanting one member to overpower the rest considering jeonghan’s popularity, but giving him like one second of screentime doesn’t make sense either

i loved jeonghan’s long hair, but can we all admit that his stylists never really let his hair reach its potential? like they barely knew what to do with his hair half the time. there were SO many missed style opportunities but they very rarely actually styled his hair beyond a low ponytail and the occasional dye job. and let’s not forget the terrible extensions work during aju nice era—it was a good thing jeonghan has amazing visuals bc those extensions were just a travesty. idk if im being dramatic but whenever im reminded of his long hair i just really wish they did more with it back then :/

It’s so annoying when the ONLY thing people talk about is Jeonghan‘s long hair. It’s perfectly fine to miss his long hair but when it’s the only thing u EVER say about Jeonghan, it just kind of sounds obnoxious and entitled because it feels like u think ur opinion on his hair is more important than his own. He prefers having shorter hair and has said multiple times that he’s not growing it that long again anytime soon. Let it go already, it’s been 2 years and Jeonghan is more than just his hair.

I really don’t like Seventeen’s Jeonghan singing. His vocals are pretty weak and I don’t like his tone.

Do you ever see those people that are just so attractive and fit your aesthetic so well that it’s kind of creepy because it’s like they stepped out of your imagination? That’s how I feel about Jeonghan.

I don’t think it’s possible for Jeonghan to have a bad hairstyle.