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Jihyo and Kang Daniel make a lovely couple and they deserve to be happy together



Jihyo dating Kang Daniel, as well as Hello Venus’ Kwon Nara dating actor Lee Jong Suk, are two of the most unexpected dating news of 2019 for me.

As someone who wasn’t into Wanna One but know of how insanely popular Kang Daniel was during his Wanna One days, it baffles me to see Korean netizens bashing him relentlessly nowadays and criticizing him for everything (he’s the only one getting hate and backlash while ONCEs from what I’ve seen are supporting Jihyo when news of their relationship broke, though I’ve also seen a few bitter comments saying she could do so much better)

Baekhyun’s super power truly is seeing the future. UN Village is about a romantic couple out on a date on a hill behind UN Village, and recently we learned that Jihyo and Kang Daniel are in a relationship and that Kang Daniel’s house is in UN Village. Baekhyun is also lowkey a snitch, lmao (just joking).

The way Jihyo and Daniel have been about their dating – quick confirmation and not trying to really hide anything to begin with and all of Twice knowing and helping out – is just so refreshing. I hope we’re getting at least a little closer to idols being able to just date regularly and not having horrible back lash.

I’m kind of unlucky. Most times my faves start dating it’s with someone I don’t like. I obviously respect their choices and support the relationship, but is it unlucky. Like, recently with the Jihyo X Daniel reveal. I personally dislike Kang Daniel. If she was with any other ex-W1 member I wouldn’t care that much. Anyways, I hope they both make each other happy.

As a Once, while I am pleased with the mostly positive reception to Daniel/Jihyo and the lack of negativity towards Jihyo from Daniel stans (even from Knetz), I am extremely disappointed in fellow INTERNATIONAL Onces/Jihyo stans insulting Daniel by calling him ugly/poor. Not cool guys. Just because it’s common for the female party in an idol relationship to be dragged by the male party’s fans does not mean the other way around is acceptable.