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Jimin: Hey Jungkookie, I need you
Jungkook: For?
Jimin: Ever

Jimin: Come on~ I wasn’t that drunk!
Jungkook: You tried to color my face with a highlighter because you said I was important.
Jimin: *tearing up* But you are.

Jungkook: Bitch
Jimin: Blocked
Jungkook calling Jimin: Wait unblock me I have something to tell you
Jimin: Unblocked
Jungkook: Bitch.

Jungkook: *washing car with Jimin*
Jimin: Bitch, can’t you just use a sponge?

Jungkook: Ily
Jimin: Aww spell it out, it will make it more special
Jungkook: I love Yoongi

Jimin: *covers Jungkook’s eyes*
Jimin: Guess who??
Jimin: He’s cute, funny, talented…
Jimin: And he’s gonna beat your ass if you get it wrong.

Jungkook: *exists*

Jimin: *exists first*

Hello my friend~~ (I am following you in Instagram, right? You have the same profile pic) JHBFEVPEWRB KPOP are like potato chips… You can’t eat just one. Welcome to the family!


Please and thank you are the magic words. Game over.


Jimin as a seagull