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-No, it’s your flaws I’m interested in-

I am not saying that Jimin is the most beautiful person in the world and he deserves to be loved…

But that’s exactly what I’m saying.

“Sometimes people are beautiful.

Not in looks.

Not in what they say.

Just in what they are.”

If you could use a pick up line on Jimin, what would it be? 😉

Me: “I wish I was your pinky toe so you could bang me on every piece of furniture in your house”



Black haired Jimin needs to make a comeback, right now.

Bias Selfie Tag

I was tagged by my goddess aka my wife @jeylovestoblog 💛

I tag everyone! Especially you​.

Jimin thinks we only like him when he exposes his bare skin… Stop asking him to show his abs or I will punch you in the fucking throat.

I miss you so much… You made me smile when I wanted to cry. Oh, you were so bright… Even the sun was jealous. You were different from the rest. I liked the old you… Why did you have to change?

Jimin’s chipped tooth, you’ll always have a special space in my heart.