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I am not saying that Jimin is the most beautiful person in the world and he deserves to be loved…

But that’s exactly what I’m saying.

“He went to kill her

But ended up dying for her”.

“It’s all about the one face you look for in a room full of people”

Mom: Are your grades slipping?

Me: Nope.

My grades:

Asleep or

Awake, I dream

Of you

All the same.

“Let’s run away and never come back”

She said.

-In a room full of art, I’d still stare at you-

Lovely boy

Today I woke up thinking -My hands are probably bigger than Jimins-. WhAT the fuck was I dreaming about??

Bias Selfie Tag

I was tagged by my goddess aka my wife @jeylovestoblog 💛

I tag everyone! Especially you​.