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I hope that even though Jimin will no longer be a JYPE artist after this month ends, her friendship with other JYPE idols like Jae and Momo will still be strong.

I’m glad Jimin is leaving JYP because they’re not letting her be a singer (“JYP, are you listening? I’m a singer, I have to sing, but I’m MCing!”). JYP really isn’t the best place to be if you want to pursue a solo career.

I think Jungkook and Jin are “decent” vocalists now (meaning good enough, but still good) and V is on his way. So, apart from Jimin (sorry, bias ;-;), you can’t call them horrible. I’m not asking you to worship them as the best vocalists in kpop (they are not), but I’m just asking to stop attacking them for that. I know army are horrible, but that doesn’t change the boys’s achievements.

“The moon talks so

much about you

that the oceans

have started to get

jealous of your depth”

Jungkook feeling himself is good for the planet.

Pass it on.

Jimin’s new haircut reminds me of his 2014/2015 visuals. It was kind of heartwarming to see that guy is still there, but has grown so much! He is such a sweet guy, he deserves the world.

don’t understand how people call the vocal line in bts weak. Their
vocal stability is freaking fantastic, and I’ll never be able to get
over how well they all sound together

I like BTS a lot and I thought Boy With Luv was pretty cute, but honestly I had no idea Halsey was singing the chorus at some part. I genuinely thought it was Jimin. They sound really alike to me sometimes.

I’m worried about Jimin. Jin and Taehyung surpessed him in vocal habilities and he is now making mistakes he didn’t use too and mistakes in relatively easy parts when singing live (I sing, before you start saying I know nothing). The poor tecnich’s results are catching up now. As a (really) Jimin biased, I’m so saddend by that.

By the teaser, I thought Taehyung would be the one to shine more in the Boy with Luv MV, but it was Jimin. He just killed it! His sexy opening verses, his dance, his outfits!