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The whole Jimin Paris “scandal” was so ridiculous. He was literally doing nothing wrong or scandalous. Jeez.

Both Jae’s and Jimin’s interviews on The Daebak K-pop Show with Eric Nam were things I didn’t even know I needed. We also got to know things they would’ve never said anywhere else, like how Jae said he was the quiet kid who always sat in the back in high school but found his own “Shark Tank” in college, how Jimin would get nudes in her DMs from disgusting perverts and how her decision to leave JYPE was already planned out 2 years ago and how she left on amicable terms. Also both of them roasting Eric for his age (“damn, you’re old”) was great. Like I’m around Eric’s age and even I find it hilarious coming from them.

I’m seriously concerned about jimin’s singing health. I do not know anything about singing, but i was first concerned when people said he sang out of his range a lot and was straining, but i also thought people were dramatic. But i went to a bts concert this year and it was rough to hear him a lot of times. He made quite a lot of mistakes like singing off-key and it just sounded bad at times. i’m concerned because to my knowledge he didn’t do that before. I want him to be healthy and for his voice to be healthy, and i don’t think it is right know. But again i do not know much about singing so maybe i’m overreacting?

I hope that even though Jimin will no longer be a JYPE artist after this month ends, her friendship with other JYPE idols like Jae and Momo will still be strong.

I’m glad Jimin is leaving JYP because they’re not letting her be a singer (“JYP, are you listening? I’m a singer, I have to sing, but I’m MCing!”). JYP really isn’t the best place to be if you want to pursue a solo career.

I think Jungkook and Jin are “decent” vocalists now (meaning good enough, but still good) and V is on his way. So, apart from Jimin (sorry, bias ;-;), you can’t call them horrible. I’m not asking you to worship them as the best vocalists in kpop (they are not), but I’m just asking to stop attacking them for that. I know army are horrible, but that doesn’t change the boys’s achievements.

“The moon talks so

much about you

that the oceans

have started to get

jealous of your depth”

Jungkook feeling himself is good for the planet.

Pass it on.

Jimin’s new haircut reminds me of his 2014/2015 visuals. It was kind of heartwarming to see that guy is still there, but has grown so much! He is such a sweet guy, he deserves the world.

don’t understand how people call the vocal line in bts weak. Their
vocal stability is freaking fantastic, and I’ll never be able to get
over how well they all sound together