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i really like seokjin and i think he’s a great guy. i recognise that he improved tons over the years and i respect that, but i dislike his voice. i’m NOT a pro but everytime he sings his voice sounds really forced to me personally. but like i said, i think he’s great and still got a lot of potencial. i wish him and the boys only the best. ps. if youre think of responding “just dont listen to their songs, then”, i already dont. i RARELY do, and thats just something that stands out to me.

I was shocked in BTS’s concert (it was my first). Jin sounded amazing! I really mean it! That boy IS a good vocalist. Now I can’t be convinced otherwise. P.S.1: I said good, don’t get pressed about it as if I said he is one of the best of the entire kpop industry. P.S.2: it was live (Jimin unfortunately made a lot of mistakes, so I could tell).

I think Jungkook and Jin are “decent” vocalists now (meaning good enough, but still good) and V is on his way. So, apart from Jimin (sorry, bias ;-;), you can’t call them horrible. I’m not asking you to worship them as the best vocalists in kpop (they are not), but I’m just asking to stop attacking them for that. I know army are horrible, but that doesn’t change the boys’s achievements.

Jin’s self-composed song was simple, but so sweet. It really touched my heart. (For those wondering, it was made to pay tribute for his pets who passed away).

I’ve never been much of a Jin stan, I appreciate him and find him funny but he never stood out to me. But during the past couple comebacks he’s been owning them. His solo was my favorite and his deep notes in Dionysus were sexy!

don’t understand how people call the vocal line in bts weak. Their
vocal stability is freaking fantastic, and I’ll never be able to get
over how well they all sound together

I really hope Jin gets more solos and hopefully an acting debut before enlisting. He has so much talent and potential I’d hate to see it all go to waste because Big Hit keeps him hidden away.

Contrary to people’s belief, Seokjin was heard strained and overwhelmed in his solo performance and the only time I didn’t hear him strained when I was listen to his voice in recording version. But guess what? All Jin’s strained voiced still hundred times better than all of the Bangtan vocal line because all Jin’s need is technique and little bit fix here and there. I’m sorry but that’s the truth.

I’m worried that Big Hit won’t let Jin have an acting role before he goes to the military, then he’ll be passed over for roles when he comes back. The guy was studying acting before he became an idol and I hope his passion for it doesn’t die because of it. You can’t tell me that there hasn’t been a single role out there for him or that BH isn’t accepting those opportunities for the group at all when Taehyung was accepted for “Hwarang”.

In BTS, I think Jin can hit high notes better than Jimin. If you listen to his cover of MATE’s ‘I Love You’, he hits all the high notes effortlessly! Maybe at the beginning of BTS’s debut, he wasn’t better, but now he definitely is. He has the potential to hit high-notes better than Jimin, and even though his lines are increasing, he isn’t given those opportunities. Even V can hit high notes better, sometimes. I think that V and Jin are the best vocalists throughout the whole group.