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Kim Minju is really similar to Bae Jinyoung, as in, both of them started out being very shy so they both were lacking, but then they came out of their shell and debuted. I think it’s nice that they gained confidence and I can see their improvements but I feel like they could show us a bit more. Although I admit, Minju had a bit of extra boost since almost everyone started talking about how she resembles Tzuyu.

A long time ago I always hated the rap breaks in idol songs until I started listening to B1A4. Baro’s raps pretty much never disrupt the flow of their songs but actually blend well with the rest of the song, and for that I really appreciate him and Jinyoung (for writing pop songs that actually accommodate the rapping).

jinyoung’s out here being the epitome of perfection im not even exaggerating, this man is a visual, can sing, act, compose, model, choreograph, dance. he’s intellectual, has deep thinking, is goofy & a real prankster, perfectionist but with a twist of fun in him as well

’m surprised Got7’s Jinyoungs visuals hasn’t gotten him more roles or even more clout for Got7. He’s seriously gorgeous and is the ideal Korean beauty. Plus his acting isn’t bad at all.

GOT7’s Jinyoung is so handsome and I don’t know why more people aren’t talking about him.

GOT7’s jinyoung is my ult bias but JB is hardcore bias-wrecking my life.

I think the JJ Project comeback was something all of Got7 needed. Afterwards, the vibe they had was completely different and better. And with Jaebum writing both their following title tracks and with the members becoming more involved with songwriting, they’ve kind of developed their sound and their latest albums were really great. I wish people would give them a chance. Their music really isn’t bad. Look was a whole bop, and You Are had such a freeing chorus. Also Paradise is a great song.

Joshua from Seventeen and Wanna One’s Jinyoung look so oddly similar to me. I usually don’t understand comparisons between idols, but something about their faces just seems so alike. It was one of the first things I noticed when I was getting into Wanna One, and now I just can’t unsee it. It makes me really want to see them interact irl now!

Jinyoung from Got7 has to be the most underrated when it comes to English pronunciation. His English is really good, I can’t get enough of it.

I have a strong feeling that one of the GOT7 members will take over JYPE in the future. My bet is either JB or Jinyoung or even both. JJ Project rise!!