Category: JJ Project

I think the JJ Project comeback was something all of Got7 needed. Afterwards, the vibe they had was completely different and better. And with Jaebum writing both their following title tracks and with the members becoming more involved with songwriting, they’ve kind of developed their sound and their latest albums were really great. I wish people would give them a chance. Their music really isn’t bad. Look was a whole bop, and You Are had such a freeing chorus. Also Paradise is a great song.

Honestly the biggest disappointment for me personally in 2017 was that JJ Project’s comeback after such a long time didn’t really get as hyped up as I wanted it to be. Not to mention the album “VERSE 2” was actually pretty solid and gave off a homey, nostalgic feel that really pulled it all together.

I can’t help but feel sorry for jj project because of what they could’ve been just as a duo or even as a group without the foreign line. The foreign line addition ruined the group’s sound quality because in all honesty they don’t have talent whatsoever. The new jj project release was a very painful reminder of that.