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I have been listening to Kpop since 2012 and I dont think I will ever understand why Johnny thought is was a good idea to say “all yall are immaculate”

I really want to see Johnny and Mark dress up as Johnny and Mark from The Room on Halloween. this possible wont happen but just IMAGINE

Johnny has such boyfriend vibes the time when he was making chocolates along with Ten with that black hoodie and the sleeves pulled up. Also the time when they went to buy their album and everyone were buying their own version of the album but he bought all the 10 versions along with 10 posters and said “my goal is to have all the 10 pictures”. He is like the serious mature person with a soft affectionate heart.

I’ve never viewed idols in a romantic way. I’ve only ever viewed them as celebrities that I admire and look up to. However, Johnny from NCT changed that. I feel like we have a similar sense of humor and would get along well if we knew each other. Not to mention we’re both from Chicago. He’s the only idol in all of kpop I could imagine dating. That being said, I’m 110% aware that I have no chance with him and I would never bash him if it was revealed he was dating. I would support him fully.

I don’t always feel bad for idols who don’t get a lot of screen time/lines, unless I know that being an idol is something that they genuinely wanted and worked hard for. For example, Johnny (NCT). He auditioned for SM because this is something he wanted, and he trained for almost a decade, and was treated like back up dancer #2 until recently. So I do feel bad for him when he’s overlooked or MIA in videos. On the otherhand: Sehun (EXO). SM had to chase him down the street and Sehun later admitted he became an idol not because he had a passion to be an entertainer, but because he wanted to support his family financially. And even though he spent ½ a decade getting shafted by SM, he is still one of the most popular members both domestically and internationally, and he is still making bank, which is what he wanted to do for his family in the first place.

First of all, I love Winwin and Johnny. But fans don’t understand that SM will never give lines to a member that isn’t the best at singing those lines. They give the line to the member who sings it the best. And let’s be honest, Sicheng and Johnny aren’t good singers or rappers. They do deserve more lines, of course, but fans need to stop expecting them to get big parts.

I watch a Johnny vlog recently where he was speaking English like Mark; it was like he was at a loss for words and didn’t know how to articulate what he was thinking. That seems a bit scary to me, to lose some of my native language because I’m not speaking it often. I think all four fluent English speakers of NCT are on the same level of proficiency at this point.

I love that Johnny (NCT) is getting a lot of exposure through his series on their new youtube channel. In my opinion it’s fitting that he’s the one doing something like this because he always seems so laid back and he’s very talkative, plus it gives him extra exposure which is a big plus considering the lack of it in NCT mvs. Vlogger!Johnny rise!

I saw a video he posted of Taeyong washing Johnny’s hair, and it’s the first time I really saw how angular and well sculpted his face is. He looks really really good, especially with the jet black hair. If being in a boyband doesn’t work out (since he stays not getting any lines anyways), at 6 feet tall and being in really good shape with that incredible face, modeling is something he should seriously consider.

I’m so disappointed in the NCT fandom because of how they treat Johnny. First there where these massive bandwagon stans who literally SPAMMED the whole group’s SNS accounts with “WHERE IS JOHNNY?!”, and now that he finally debuted he’s like dust to most of them. I don’t wanna complain but his personal stuff always gets the least amount of attention. The least notes, hearts, views, retweets… The only thing that’s still present in NCTzens’ mind is that damn “Daddy” joke. I don’t know who to blame though since SM acts like Johnny isn’t a valid member to the group as well, so I really believe it’s SM’s “treatment” who made so many fans drop him. It’s just really frustrating seeing a newly debuted member getting easily a million views on a personal fancam (yeah I’m talking about Lucas here), while Johnny stans really struggle to even reach 20k views for him. He’s so talented and I’m so tired that SM and neither the fans as well now literally don’t care about him. I don’t wanna go back to the times where his “stans” harassed teasers with “DEBUT JOHNNY OR WE DON’T CARE!” but it would be nice if he would have a solid and loving fanbase just like every other member too.