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i feel like a really bad person, because i used to think JooE was ugly. but after getting to know her bright and energetic attitude, somehow it made her look really pretty to me, knowing that she’s smiling and happy. she even says that she knows her comments and even after that, she can still smile so confidently. i guess i fell in love with her attitude.

JooE from Momoland is, by far, the most gorgeous K-pop idol I’ve ever seen. She looks like royalty, and her smile is dazzling!

JooE looks so terrible with blonde hair or the bright colored hair in her Tropicana commericials. Like its no wonder people hate so much, her hair is ugly. She looked so pretty with dark hair i dunno why they are making her be a blonde when she can’t pull it off.

It feels like this is an era for the rise of female idols with personality and I am here for it. Even if you’re not a Twice fan you can see they’re very enthusiastic. And also JooE of Momoland. Quirky and energetic. It seems like audiences aren’t responding as much to the softer doll-like concepts/images.

When JooE from Momoland said that she went into idol life knowing she would get bashed for her looks but still decided to follow her dreams, my admiration for her grew so much. I wish I had that strength when I was her age.

I love JooE with all my heart, she is so talented and amazing and gorgeous it I hate her in those pigtails. She wears them a lot and she looks horrible I think she looks way better with her hair down

I feel like the potential of so many singers are hidden because of the songs, number of members they have, or variety show personalities. Momoland’s Jooe sounded so good on Masked Singer, but I would have never expected that because of the way she is marketed in variety shows.

Everyone is going on about JooE being ugly, but I disagree. She’s really cute and quite pretty. Any supposed ugliness is one hundred percent the fault of the Bboom Bboom stylists.