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Y’all ever wonder if Monsta X rappers read each other’s lyrics and go “wtf is this” to each other? Because I have listened to ‘Tropical Night’ and ‘Mohae’ and while one of them seemed to give their all in the lyrics, the other was like “feeling lazy today, might improve my lines later, maybe, idk” and totally forgot to. Both songs are bops, though, especially ‘Mohae’. 🙂

I’m sad about joohoney saying he’s retiring his aegyo (ironic on the timing of his name change). Obviously it can be annoying to be asked to do it all the time. It there’s a reason he started doing it and I think it can only benefit an idol to show multiple sides of themselves.

When talking to a former friend about Jooheon, I called him “Honey” which she really didn’t like. She felt like it’s disrespectful for me, and other fans to not take the time to learn his name and say it properly. But first of all, he literally changed his name to JooHoney to make it easier to pronounce since many fans were having trouble, and second of all, I’m sorry but I just can’t pronounce “heon” the proper way.. like, my voice and mouth just lack that ability. Not to mention, Honey is a very cute and sweet name, and I highly doubt he’d be pressed at me taking off the “Joo” and just calling him Honey. I’m tired of fans getting mad on idols behalf. You guys don’t know them or what they’re thinking or feeling, so don’t pretend to.