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wish svt songs would let joshua sing in a lower range more often. his voice is naturally lower than how he usually sings and it would be nice if he could develop his lower register more

Jin, Suho, Jinwoo (from WINNER), and Joshua all seem like sweet
guys, but nothing about them stands out to me.

Joshua from Seventeen and Wanna One’s Jinyoung look so oddly similar to me. I usually don’t understand comparisons between idols, but something about their faces just seems so alike. It was one of the first things I noticed when I was getting into Wanna One, and now I just can’t unsee it. It makes me really want to see them interact irl now!

Joshua from seventeen reminds me of Randall Boggs. Especially in clap.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the “Jisoos Christ” jokes. Not so much because they offend me, but I know Joshua values his religion and it just doesn’t seem like something to make jokes out of. Plus it’s kind of overused at this point. People are still going to do whatever they want, but it’s just a no for me I guess.

Shh just reblog it

I wish Joshua from Seventeen would get some more love! He’s so cute and I love his singing. It’s crazy how different he sounds when he’s talking. Also, I hate that he doesn’t get much screen time in a lot of different activities. It’s hard to find content on him lol