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i get so annoyed when people make fun of jungk…

i get so annoyed when people make fun of jungkook pronouncing his own name, like just because you non-korean speakers call him junk-cook doesn’t mean the actual pronunciation is weird


I love sunglasses, am I looking at that tree? Am I staring at your dick? Who knows!


Someone: I love your hair, can I touch it?


Jimin @ Seokjin: Oooh so handsome!


the fact that someone made a petition to get b…

the fact that someone made a petition to get bp’s Lisa and BTS’s jungkook to admit they’re dating to so unsettling to me. they even said they think she’s 3 months pregnant with his child!! idk if it was a joke or not but still,, why would you do that?


Seokjin: The world would be a pain in the ass without girls

Namjoon: Is that a pun





Hi guys, I am still alive.

The BTS concert was… It was
incredible, I won’t ever have the words to describe how they made me
feel. They are art. They are magic, like real fairies. They made me
forget all my problems. I went with my best friend and I swear to god,
watching her enjoying the concert, singing the songs, dancing, laughing,
man… believe me when I say her eyes were sparkling brighter than the
stars. So yes, I was happy af. Good vibes with the armys, we really are
like a big family. I felt so sorry because Jungkook injured his heel and
couldn’t dance, but his voice was perfect like always, I hope he gets
better soon… All of them were awesome, brilliant… My husband Jimin?
How can someone be this beautiful and sweet? I don’t understand. I love
you. And Hoseok?? Hoseok’s stage presence is truly something on a
different level, like wtf he’s mesmerizing. I have to edit some videos I
took so I can show you my trip and the concert. I would have liked to
carry y’all in my pocket…

The Truth Untold by BTS is THE best song in al…

The Truth Untold by BTS is THE best song in all the Love Yourself trilogy. The music, voice and EMOTIONS are on point. This is very surprising from BTS vocal line since they do lack some techniques, but they did very well.

Honestly, and this comes from an Army, Jungkoo…

Honestly, and this comes from an Army, Jungkook is not that good of an all rounder. His rap was weak (heck they even stopped giving him rap lines), his vocal technique is far from being as good as taehyung (whose technique isn’t that good either) and he isn’t BTS’s strongest dancer. Despite that, he still gets most of the lines, center time and screen time. Big Hit, we know the boy is the most popular, but try ti put other members in the spotlight.