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I don’t understand why BTS pushes Jungkook so much for being the best songwriter of the vocal line. V is clearly more confortable in that departament, and, in my opinion, the one with more potential.

Seokjin, after losing Jungkook at the supermarket: Hi, can I use the intercom? I can’t find an acquaintance
Seokjin, over the intercom: Sayonara you little shit

I get really WTF whenever I hear people saying Jungkook would be a sub-vocalist in any other group. Sure, he wouldn’t be main, but sub? Seriously? The boy’s got talent, guys. He would be vocalist or lead.

I think Jungkook and Jin are “decent” vocalists now (meaning good enough, but still good) and V is on his way. So, apart from Jimin (sorry, bias ;-;), you can’t call them horrible. I’m not asking you to worship them as the best vocalists in kpop (they are not), but I’m just asking to stop attacking them for that. I know army are horrible, but that doesn’t change the boys’s achievements.

I understand a lot of people dislike Jungkook’s vocals because it’s too breathy or weak, but he really is capable of a lot more. In fact, I feel like he has the ability to have a musical or trot stylized voice. And he has shown that. In the performance of Otsukare, his vibrato was just amazing! He is very talented, but blame the company for limiting his vocal range and not cultivating those techniques more. Unless he personally enjoys his own style, which I will still respect anyway!

“The moon talks so

much about you

that the oceans

have started to get

jealous of your depth”

Jungkook feeling himself is good for the planet.

Pass it on.

Long haired Jungkook is a fuckiNG YES FOR ME!!!


don’t understand how people call the vocal line in bts weak. Their
vocal stability is freaking fantastic, and I’ll never be able to get
over how well they all sound together

I’ve never understood why people are so pressed by kpop shipping. Western celebrities who seldom interact get shipped all the time. I understand some shippers are delusional but theyll figure out eventually that Tzuyu will marry some Taiwanese millionaire and Jungkook will find some nice girly. Like honestly let them ship in peace.