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For someone who’s music derives so much from black culture, JYP sure is racist. He had the audacity to perform with blackface dancers and always silences his idols when they offend black people, and if that doesn’t scream racist then I don’t know what does.

will people realize that the Big 3 aren’t the top earning companies in
the industry, they’re the three that basically started kpop. You can’t
knock a company out of the big 3 they’re the reason all of your fave
groups exist.

Jyp is foul for how he and they treat got7. Telling them the music they want to put out isn’t their sound, constantly belittling youngjae and his talent, taking the copyrights of JB’s music as def soul and just overall being a terrible company that doesn’t care about the thriving of one of their biggest groups currently and so much more that can’t fit on here

I’ve noticed how, for males idols, JYP tends to guys that are “daddy”material. Some that come to mind are 2PM’s Teacyeon, GOT7’s JB and Stray Kids’ Bang Chan. But of course, most members of their respective groups do too (except the minors), but those 3 stand out the most to me

I find it interesting that people complain about JYP group music (except DAY6 ofc): for example Twice’s is too girl and annoying, all got7’s music is bland and bad, stray kids is too messy and we all know how people feel about Dalla Dalla yet JYP groups have some of the biggest fandoms in Kpop and have consistently high views.

I wish JYP would stop using CGI in his mvs as much as he does lately (miroh, fancy, dalla dalla).

I HATE when people pull the big3 card whenever a big3 artist does well. Yeas, it does have some advantage to be heard (which the artist work hards to get so they deserve it.) but it’s not like Koreans are forcing themselves to listen and like the songs. If the song continue to chart high that means people liked it.

JYP is the best at motivating their idols. I don’t know what they feed them, but just look at Twice and Stray Kids. I’ve never seen a performance where they looked bored and they always oose confidence and charisma, and look like they’re having the time of their life.

I found it weird that people stanned groups because they were under the same company, or thought of all the idols as family just because they are under the same label. But after the JYP special stage for KBS Gayo, I can kind of understand it now. That was some good wholesome shit.

I don’t deny that groups who come out of the Big 3 have an advantage. But it’s not like EVERY group not from the Big 3 is struggling in nugudom and eating grass. Or that broadcasting companies kiss Big 3 butt and ignore the others. People exaggerate the Big 3 privilege for way more than it is. If anything these days there’s more of a “Produce Privilege”