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JYP’s recent acts are so diverse. GOT7 is vocal-focused dance music. TWICE delivers catchy pop hits. DAY6 is a rock band. Stray Kids does rap-heavy hop hop. Yubin debuted with a retro concept. Jimin Park’s comeback was R&B. I hope the new girl group has a completely different sound as well.

JYP makes me angry! Yubin finally made her solo debut but it was all screwed up because of the coypright on her bside. Like she’s your most veteran artists under the company I would figure you’d take special care of her highly anticipated solo debut. And then Park Jimin, ignoring the fact she’s one of the strongest vocalists in the industry that’s under promoted but her album is just a digital release and there’s no physical copy, I wish to fully support and physically own this masterpiece. And where is Fei? Is she ok? I miss her so much. I hope that aside from her solo debut a few years ago and her one drama she just did that her hiatus she’s in is something she wishes, to take time off and relax and not just you ignoring her. JYP….why the why…why.

I think JYP stylists do a good job and work hard into every outfit every idol puts on their body, every single peace of clothing has to get approve so of course they try hard to put their best out, though they always have that one stage where all the outfits don’t really match well together, it’s just like each member is wearing something completely random. I think YG stylists actually have the strongest passion for fashion, but maybe instead of styling idols they should put their work on runways because most of the stuff their given is too much to dance with and is just too ‘wild’. SM stylists usually do a good job when styling the females but I feel they try too hard to make the fan girls piss themselves so they have the same basics to almost every outfit, for example tight leather jeans. They’re also always making Kai’s outfits so that his abs will be exposed. And the clothes that they used to give NCT, I won’t even get into that…

I find JYPE’s emphasis on multiple dance practice videos kind of cool actually. It was highkey part of my childhood watching 2pm or Got7 do crazy dance versions or boyfriend versions of their songs in their little old blue practice rooms. Or even Twices predebut dance practice videos with name tags and everything. It’s fun to see that side, the not on stage side of them.. it feels even more real. It’s also cool because a lot of companies don’t really care for such

– [ ] I never in my many years of life thought I would live to see the day that JYP would become the number one entertainment company in Korea (as a jyp stan it was honestly just a distant dream). I just found out and I am litterally in tears. It is so inspiring how just two years ago they weren’t even considered a big there group because people considered all their groups as ‘flops’, look at them now. This is seriously amazing.

looking at all the successful artists that left jype (hyuna, sunmi, jay park, etc.) makes me wonder how much faster they could have reached the top had those artists stayed

YG and SM better buckle up and stop playing around because Boy Story and that new Japanese girl group is going to make JYP seriously take over Asia. We all know pop isn’t China’s cup of tea, but Boy Story is seriously doing well. And as for the Japanese group.. Twice and 2pm alone have given them all the leverage they need.

I love all rappers that come out of JYP. So what if they’re not top tier? That doesn’t make them bad either. Let’s just enjoy the music without slandering their rap skills 🙂

[Not comparing to other labels but] JYP is one of the worst labels. They’re awful with how they manage their artists. As soon as a newer/younger group comes along, older groups are basically forgotten. It’s like these days, it’s all Stray Kids/Twice. No Wonder Girls, 2PM (the only one even still together,) 2AM, and Miss A. We no longer even hear or see a lot of promotion about GOT7/Day6 as much. And I don’t even dare bring up 15& and the soloists. JYP needs to wake up a little. —NOT a JYP stan

I don’t hate JYP for what he did to Felix and Minho. I see all these people bashing on him, saying what does he know. I’m sorry but he knows a lot, he’s the main producer and ex-CEO at the second biggest record company in all of South Korea. I think he knows what he’s doing. I wasn’t mad because, at the end of the day THIS is a businesss and there’s no other easy way to say it. If he isn’t confident in who he is putting in his next boy group, it’s not only going to make him look bad, but the whole company. Felix was forgetting lines for Christ sake, you can’t do that on stage. And Minho just wasn’t ready, so they got eliminated. But they both worked very hard and got their spots back and they’re working even harder because they know what it feels like to have their dreams taken away from them, and they never want that feeling again. Would Felix be trying so hard in his Korean if JYP never pointed it out? Anyway at the end of the day, he just wants what’s best for his artists, so please understand.. he did the same thing for Momo and Tzuyu, look at them now.