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Some groups are lucky to have performers ™ like Soojin, Kai or Yeji. I am not able to look at anyone but them when they are on stage. I wouldnt know what anyone else is doing but them

I can’t enjoy EXO as a group (I don’t mean musically) because of Kai. I don’t know what’s about him, but he just looks so unfriendly and conceited it turns me off. It doesn’t help that he is almost always in the center of the group.

Even tho I‘d prefer if both idols didn’t get dragged it was pleasantly suprising to see ppl not only criticize mamamoo for their outfits but also jongin bc only one of his nipples was covered. None of the outfits were too revealing to me but I‘m from a western country so I‘m used to different stuff anyways but this at least somehow showed that the double standard situation might be improving

With the SHINee members starting to go on their enlistments, and EXO’s too, we NEED a Taemin/Kai sub-unit! It’d be legendary! Can you just imagine how it’d look? Ah! Amazing! They’d have the vocals, the rap AND the dance down. Let’s not forget the visuals, too. If only SM would do it!

Kai and Lay from EXO and definitely some of K-POP’s best dancers, their dancing is absolutely amazing! Also, along with Taemin of SHINee and Ten of NCT, I haven’t seen anyone better. They’re facial expressions, charisma, even their rapping and voices, their movements- Absolutely amazing. Maybe I’m being biased, but I watched a Kai fancam of ‘TEMPO’ and tears came to my eyes. Amazing.

Now that someone mentioned that txt’s Kai sort of resembles Finn Wolfhard from stranger things I can’t unsee it.

This may sound very mean but i saw Kai and Jennie breakup coming right when it was announced that they were dating i have never trusted SM and their dating rumors and confirmations and it makes me sad because Kai is my bias and i wanted him to find someone that he loves and be happy but because SM keeps being Shady with their idols dating life i just didn’t trusted them and im sad that i wasn’t wrong *sigh*.

Shawols were already popping veins in 2011 because of Kai. But the fact that it’s 2019 and they still can’t hide their saltiness, it’s amazing. Don’t be like shawols, grow tf up, get some help. Hype your faves without bringing down anyone else.

I don’t understand why people claim that Kai and Jennie was a pr relationship. Both are the most popular groups, they don’t need that kind of promo. May be this kind of thing happens in the west but korean idols can gain nothing from it. And lets not even talk about the theories of Kaisoo and Jenlisa shippers.

My fav improvised choreo bit would be the one in which Baekhyun splits his heart into 2 and puts one into Jongin. And Jongin actually goes along with him because dancing is his passion.