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Kard used to appeal to me a lot before but these days I feel as if they are struggling with their concept and their sound. Hopefully they can find their footing because I really do like them though bomb bomb was a miss for me, sorry :’)



One of the best things about being a Hidden KARD is knowing that the management pretty much ships BM with Somin and Jiwoo with J.Seph, only for them to have the most hilariously platonic male-female friendships I’ve ever seen.

I’m surprised at the amount of people who didn’t like Bomb Bomb, or thought it sounded like every other KARD CB. Honestly I think KARD’s music sucks. But Bomb Bomb is absolutely a banger, and it’s their only song I absolutely love. Especially BM’s parts; not only do they make the whole song, but I wish there was more of it. I’d like them to keep going in this direction, and never made another terrible song like Ride off the wind again

Kards bomb bomb was such a good comeback! They felt like a truly established group

I don’t even stan KARD but BM talking about man tiddies makes me want to. I started following his IG and watching KARD interviews and he is so funny. I really really like idols like that who talk to fans like friends and are honestly just themselves. Like sometimes an idols natural self can make people want to support their projects even if the music itself it’s for them. So I understand casual fans who don’t necessarily listen or like the music

At first I had great fun just memeing on BM from kard (not in a mean way more about his vlive talking about man tiddies) but honestly now I low key love him and wanna see him happy and prosperous… I didn’t ask for this! I just wanted to meme!

While all the members of kard slayed this comeback, the women truly stepped it up. Neither Somin or Jiwoo are conventional beauties but I think that plays in their favor because it makes them so unique and interesting to look at, they stand out

Finally! I was really missing KARD and they finally came back. Some people are disappointed that they didn’t change their style once again, but I’m not. After the 2nd listen, I fell in love with Bomb Bomb. It’s soooooooo much better than ROTW (their worst tittle track). The only thing I didn’t like was BM’s screaming.