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I’m amazed at how gorgeous KNK’s music video for sunset is considering they just left their company and started their own from scratch

Someone I know said they didn’t understand why people were so excited about KNK’s comeback before all of their company issues and all. It made me a little upset because I see how genuine and talented they are, but not everyone sees it since they are not as big as other groups. After everything they’ve been through now, it makes me so happy to see they’ve passed their online goal and are able to produce more stuff. I’m looking forward to hearing more from them!

When idols such as SVT’s seungkwan, Vernon and knk’s inseong randomly call “mom” when they’re in a “playfully” distressing situation or won on a music show. It’s cute seeing them say “mom I won this” “mom I did it” or call their mom for help. It really warms and breaks my heart because they truly love their parents but miss them so much bc of the busy schedules

There are many fans who want their favs to become successful bc they’re so talented and they work so hard but fail to receive popularity due to bad marketing and promotions. But then there’s me who wants all that too but mainly hopes KNK can be popular because then Seungjun will think “wow people know who I am, I need to dress better” please help save us from Seungjun’s fashion and support KNK

I love sharp eyes like mono lids or really hooded double eyelids on males such as Wonwoo from SVT, Hangyul from IM or The Unit and Heejun from KNK. Hell, even females look gorgeous like Eunwoo from Pristin and Seulgi from Red Velvet. Their visuals are killer

Eunwoo (ASTRO) and Seungjun (KNK) are idols that remind us nobody is perfect. Even if they’re tall, handsome, kind, considerate, talented in languages, and can sing very well, they can still suck at dancing 🙂

Ever since I saw the height difference picture between Mamamoo and KNK (which is so adorable), I was always thinking about what a wonderful collaboration between the two would be since they’re both such amazing vocal groups

I love KNK’s Heejun so much and I never realized how he was slightly lacking in dance (technique-wise) until MixNine because his expressions and stage presence were always so strong

KNK’s Seungjun is the cutest puppy ever despite his massive height like wow. He is too precious to not be loved

Catchy songs with quite mature vibe, good coreographies, fantastic vocals, talent, stable live performances, great and really funny personalities and visuals. This is KNK. Once you get to know them, it’s quite impossible not to love them. Hope they’ll achieve what they deserve.