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Help. Me and my dog were listening to Daydream (my dog’s favorite song) in the car and we were so euphoric that I promised her she would meet Hoseok someday and now I feel bad because I know that will be impossible AND I DON’T F*CKING WANT TO DISAPPOINT MY DOG. WhAt ShOuLd I dO?

“He went to kill her

But ended up dying for her”.

“It’s all about the one face you look for in a room full of people”

I love you.

BTS want to come to Europe… It’s my time bitches.

Time to crY BeCAuSe I’M bROKE.

Hello beautiful human beans~~

Lately I’ve been thinking about what to do with my instagram account (Our_kpopreact). Would you like it if I post pictures of the Fandom’s selca day? (Of course, giving credit to the owners)

If this post gets more than 200 notes I will do it

I love you all!


“If Seokjin hit me with his car multiple times I’d still say thank you”

“I’d pay Min Yoongi to diss me”

“Park Jimin could leave me on read at 2:06 and text back at 9:13 and I’d reply at 9:12″

“Jungkook can step on me and I’ll just say thank you”

I don’t care if we’re talking about BTS here… Never allow ANYONE to disrespect you.


Absolutely not?

Absolutely not?