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The whole album in JUS2 Focus on Me album is a bop. Especially their JUS2 Japan discography. And I really hope JYP let JB or anyone in GOT7 release album that based on their music taste because as much as good title track is Eclipse in their Spinning Top era, Page and 1 Degree much more deserve and have a lot of potentials to be a tittle track.

BTS need to address their fans and all the things they do. If they’ve seen things about how they’re shipped, or ARMYs nicknames for them, like Jin being a fairy and such, then they should see the masses of hate they give to other groups. Obviously, not all ARMYs, but a significant amount of them. Other idols, like Taeyeon, who addressed how people ambushed her at airports, and other groups who expose their saesangs and such, yet for the most part, BTS talk about how amazing their fans are.

I feel like after seeing the awesome success other certain loop groups have had companies have started to debut more groups in hope of getting a sip of the international exposure and national hype that kpop has recently been getting. I feel like the members have also this mindset and when they ( the companies or members ( especially international members )) don’t achieve that almost instant fame they bail out . like cherry bullet my favourite gg I think 3 members left? And 2 were foreign . Tbh I don’t blame them. The industry is mentally and physically tolling and putting your all into a situation where it’s pointless and you believe you won’t reach your goal is tough. Especially away from family. That’s why I really admire big groups from originally small companies. Your chances of success are so low but never zero and that’s a mindset I admire.

I look up to super junior a lot and wish all my favourite groups would be like them, not personality wise (of course) but in terms of longetivity. The fact that they debuted almost 15 years ago, took 8 years for all members to complete military service but still manage to have a steady fandom, sell out concerts and have high album sales. It’s honestly admirable considering most groups can barely last half of that time.

I’m so happy with Mamamoo’s “hip”. It’s so catchy, the chorus was instantly stuck in my head, and I’m so happy because I hadn’t really enjoyed a comeback of theirs since Décalcomanie

First Scoups, now Jeonghan, Pledis doesn’t know how to manage Seventeen. Who thinks it’s a good idea to tire them to the point of forcing them to hiatus (one for mental health reasons, another for physical, who knows who else will fall) right before a world tour?

Anyone who decides to hate on all of Stray Kids because of one member’s mistake is a dumbass. There are seven other members in the group, literally all you have to do is ignore Chan. Matter of fact, ignore the whole group for all I care. I understand not wanting to stan them because of Chan, but flat out hating on the other members just because Chan acted like an idiot is not fair. The other boys didn’t do anything wrong, there’s no reason why they should be treated like shit.

The groups that came out of the recent produce series (iz*one and x1) shouldn’t be punished for something they had no control over and should be able to promote like any other group. The adults that knowingly lied and rigged the votes on the other hand should be held responsible for what they did just leave the kids out of it that just wanted to live their dream of being an idol and had no idea what was happening behind the scenes.

Admin Note: This was sent in before X1′s disbandment was announced.

Blackpink have really lost their edge and I say that as a fan! And I blame the company for that and for limiting each member. Looking back at Whistle and even Boombayah, there was so much creativity in BP’s work. Each member also contributed to songs in ways that were fun and cool. But now BP is just formulaic. Jennie starts the song, Lisa follows up with a verse, and Jisoo and Rosé are stuck on chorus and bridge. I wish there was more of variety in their music.

i was actually shocked at how well taeyeon’s purpose did in terms of sales. Best day 1 sales on hanteo by any female act, first kpop female soloist to reach top 5 (peaked at #2) on itunes US, second fastest real-time all-kill in 2019, album by female kpop soloist with most #1 on itunes (18) etc. i really did not think she had this kind of reach, especially internationally, but god am i happy people are supporting her. She really deserves it.