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I love lay, but I was so disappointed in his met gala outfit. I know it wasn’t really his fault, but it would’ve been amazing to see him in something really crazy. I was expecting more.

Kai and Lay from EXO and definitely some of K-POP’s best dancers, their dancing is absolutely amazing! Also, along with Taemin of SHINee and Ten of NCT, I haven’t seen anyone better. They’re facial expressions, charisma, even their rapping and voices, their movements- Absolutely amazing. Maybe I’m being biased, but I watched a Kai fancam of ‘TEMPO’ and tears came to my eyes. Amazing.

Tbh I love how Lay is promoting Mpop and making his own brand while being attached to EXO. Kris Wu really downgraded with his new look and desperate plea for attention in the US. It’s sad to watch.

For hopefully the last time. There are still tensions b/w China and SK. This is why Lay and Victoria still aren’t able to promote in SK. “What about other idols like The8, Jun etc.?” you may ask. Frankly, the amount of popularity with and influence on the Chinese public Lay and Victoria have is significantly more than the other idols. You really can’t compare them with the others. In addition, Lay is the publicity ambassador for Changsha, appointed by the Communist Youth League of China.

It might cause controversies but I think yixing is a better dancer than Kai in exo and i’m saying that as an erigom… Heck he’s one of sm’s best dancer and i dont understand why whenever an sm artist is being asked who are the best dancers in the company they never mention yixing…

Jaehyun of NCT kind of reminds me of Yixing of EXO in the sense that sometimes I look at him with his cute soft dimples and think about how adorable he is, looking like a piece of soft baked bread. And other times, usually in a photoshoot, his face looks more angular and sharp, and he looks incredible sexy dark and cool. The duality is incredible with those two.

Zhang Yíxing is one of the most humble and sweet idols I’ve ever seen. I watched his interview with the iconic Ellie Lee, and he was so adorable. I really appreciated the fact that Ellie continued to compliment him, and reassure him that his English is good and he does look handsome, not because of his team of people, but because he is handsome. He has such a nice heart and even though some idols (naturally) are a bit fake in interviews, you can tell he was being 100% genuine.

The truth is that, now that EXO-M basically doesn’t exist anymore, I never managed to get into EXO again. When the group debuted as ‘K’ and ’M’, the ’M’ was my favorite, the members, the songs, they looked more like a group to me then ‘K’ will ever be. So now that they promote only as EXO I wait for Chen’s, Xiumin and Lay’s part like crazy.

As a xingmi I’m upset that Lay got 0 lines in the Korean version of tempo and minimal screen time; but the happiness of him even being included to that extent overweighs any of my complaints. He just released his 3rd solo album, he’s doing well in China, and even if the majority of exo ls aren’t really supporting his solo endeavors, he is living his best life. So I’m glad that after over a year, he finally got to participate in a comeback

I’m sick of people spreading rumors about Lay’s involvement in EXO activities without educating themselves first.

For the first time in SM’s history of questionable practices in regards to foreign members, this is NOT their fault. It is also NOT a sign of Lay wanting to leave EXO.

It’s a political issue, and there’s not much either of them can do about it. The hallyu ban is so strong that this year even the names of Korean investors on Yixing’s Chinese movie were blurred out. The fact that he recorded even one song with EXO is a miracle. And stop comparing his situation to Jackson or Lucas, Hong Kong has its own laws and government separate from China!