Category: Lee Chaeyeon

In the last episode of Produce 48 I didn’t like how “I AM” ’s team  faked a reaction acting like they aren’t the reason Lee Chaeyeon got kicked out and I saw Ahn Yujin making a side smile. That silence right after was so awkward because it was obvious they were faking a cry and even Choi Yena was hiding her face meanwhile Lee Kaeun said, “Yujin don’t go” before they knew who’s getting kicked out between them. I don’t know about Heo Yoonjin, she looked sort of mad but the only one actually sorry was Takahashi Juri. I know someone had to be kicked out but at least don’t be fake and I felt so bad for Chaeyeon because she was their leader and she cried real tears unlike them for a long time but they obviously think of her as a threat.

Admin Note: I didn’t watch “Produce 48,” so I have no idea which exact episode the OP is referring to.  However, this opinion was sent in when we opened the box around mid-August. – Katherine