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Solar’s cover of fire by bts during mamamoo’s recent concert was so freaking hot.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what artists i would like to see collaborate lately, and here’s my suggestion that you’ve probably not thought about; taeyeon x hyolyn x hwasa. Now that would be the ULTIMATE collaboration that would end all collaborations.

I’ve never shipped any idols before (nor will i ever start) but i have to say loco x hwasa is some cute shit. I watched their episodes of ‘hyena on the keyboard’ and they were both so shy and really cute when they interacted (save from that weird moment when he asked to see pictures of her when she was fat??? haha). they seemed to vibe really well and enjoyed each others presence. That’s some wholesome stuff.

solar is such an under-appreciated visual. she definitely doesn’t fit korea’s beauty ideals, but i think she’s more beautiful than most visuals who do fit them. she’s such a cutie AND a phenomenal singer. it’s not often the visual is also the main vocal of a group.

i desperately wish for one mamamoo comeback with moonbyul only singing and not rapping in the title track. i love and adore her and think she’s a great rapper, especially for someone who was originally training to be a vocalist, but i really don’t think rapping suits mmm songs a lot of the time. from what i’ve heard she’s a pretty decent vocalist (not rivaling the other members though of course), and i would love for her to sing more.

I hate how people always say stuff like “mamamoo the best vocal GIRLGROUP“ instead of just best vocal group like either they are best or they aint. If u r like that then say what boygroup is better. I dont get why thats two categories


I really need Mamamoo to do a world tour. I understand it’s not likely to happen and I know they’ve been to Kcon a bunch of times but I’d do almost anything to see them in a solo concert.

I sometimes wonder whether fatphobia or colorism is worse in Kpop. Then I remember that there are idols with darker skintones – but only one who is “larger than average”, Hwasa, and knetz drag her for being ‘fat’ all the time.

Mamamoo’s wheein is criminally underrated. Her beauty, personality, voice, dancing, songwriting, her artwork, she’s everything you could hope for in an artist, yet sadly too overlooked. I just love her so much.