Category: meme 2017

Me trying to pick my grades up before the end of the semester

*opens exam*

*reads first question*

My brain:

Best friend: “Let me do your makeup, I promise you will look stunning”

*20 mins later*


When you try to swallow a pill, but it doesn’t go down and starts dissolving in your mouth

Me: Don’t catch feelings

Me: But damn what if things actually worked out and we could-

Me to me:

“What that mouth d-”

Someone: “That’s so unladylike and rude”

Me: “tHaT’s So UnLaDyLiKe AnD rUdE”

Me: “Can I go out?”

Mom: “Didn’t you go out last month?”

When you’re walking down a hall and walk past your best friend’s class

Friend: “Don’t jump to any conclusions, but I saw your boyfr-”