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i hadny seen an episode or video of PDX while it aired but i kept seeing people saying PDX’s Suhwan and Yuvin were Woozi and Mingyu lookalikes respectively. i recently stumbled across a few pics and vids of them and i was ?????????????? bc they look nothing like them at ALL. why were there so many people calling them that???????

mingyu is one of the most distinct and striking visuals of the 3rd gen. his face is one you can v easily remember even after seeing him just once, there’s just no other idol who looks like him.

Mingyu from Seventeen with brown hair looks similar to Jamie Dornan when he played Christian Grey and I wish I could unsee it.

i have no idea how i thought wonwoo and Mingyu looked the same (svt)

I found that the MC special stage for Music Core (Seongwoo, Mark, and Mina) was a lot better than the stage for Inkigayo (Mingyu, Chaeyeon, Song Kang). Please don’t take this as hate against the Inkigayo MCs; I just preferred the Music Core stage more.

I like Seventeen but I feel like I would enjoy them a lot more if they were a smaller group. Maybe Scoups, Hoshi, Woozi, DK, Seungkwan + one of Vernon/Mingyu/Wonwoo as the visual/rapper? I know they have their subunits and whatever but I find it frustrating when some members have 5 or less seconds in title tracks. I dislike the trend of huge groups overall and I know it’s a marketing strategy but it has the opposite effect on me. Nothing against the other members though.

By far the best friendship there is in kpop imo is the 97 line friendship: Seventeen’s Mingyu, Dk and The8, Got7’s Bambam and Yugyeom, NCT’s Jaehyun and BTS’s Jungkook. Now I need them to add NCT’s Winwin and Astro’s Eunwoo to the group chat

Shh just reblog it

I’m not too into Seventeen but from what I’ve seen, Minggyu reminds me a lot of Tao. Not looks wise, but their air I guess? They’re mannerisms and how they carry themselves look very similar to me.

I know Pledis doesn’t want to appoint a ‘real visual’ to Seventeen but I think Svt could be even more popular If they would work Vernon and Mingyu more. Not to the point of totally overshadowing the other members but Pledis needs to step up their marketing.