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I feel like monsta x’s style is definitely developing as time goes on but I’d love to see them do something SUPER out the box

Whenever people try to say, “x member doesn’t belong in Monsta X,” I get irritated. There is an entire show, showcasing how and why they were chosen. You might not like said member(s), but that won’t change the fact that they are in Monsta X for a real reason.

I’m dying at how hands off Starship is being with Monsta X and how much stuff IM is getting away with saying.

changkyun’s eyebrow piercing is ridiculously attractive.

Honestly I really hated watching how disrespectful monbebes were to French Montana in regards to wdul. Mx chose to work w him, and I highly doubt Changkyun is THAT pressed about not have his own verse as some of y’all are

Admin Note: This was sent in before Monsta X and French Montana performed “Who Do U Love?” on Jimmy Kimmel.

IM reminds me of E’Dawn. Both are kinda short and weird and emo looking / sounding, but they’re actually very cute and sincere. Plus I think they share a few facial similarities. They could be brothers.

Shownu is truly the most handsome kpop idol, his face is just so dynamic, and when he performs it’s like he doesn’t even need to try his face just naturally does it all! What a man!

I’m really impressed with Monsta X’s English skills as a collective. I’m more of a casual fan of them, so when I started watching their interviews, I didn’t realise that barely two years ago, almost none of them members besides one could read, write, and communicate well in English. I’m especially impressed with Kihyun because I’d read from fans that he decided to learn English to ease IM’s burden of having to speak on behalf of the group all the time when they were overseas, and he absolutely succeeded and did it in under a year. In their Jealousy behind the scenes MV video (2017) Kihyun told Hyungwon he couldn’t read in English when he asked for something with an English label on it. And in 2018 he’s ready and answering messages in English and even helping other members communicate in English as well. It’s hard learning another language when you’re not bilingual, and you’re an adult, so I really respect and commend Monsta X for their dedicate to connect with all their fans around the globe.

monsta x is one of kpops best groups. they kind of have everything tbh. kihyun is a fantastic singer who can keep up with their intense kind of music, jooheon and changkyun are one of the best rap lines in kpop, they’re all great dancers. they never disappoint with their choreo and their music is only getting better and better. they always look like they love performing, and they’re all hilarious. i love being a fan of them.

I’m a monbebe and I’ll support them in whatever they do but I’m sad about them starting to push more and more English language songs and activities.