Category: Moonbyul

i desperately wish for one mamamoo comeback with moonbyul only singing and not rapping in the title track. i love and adore her and think she’s a great rapper, especially for someone who was originally training to be a vocalist, but i really don’t think rapping suits mmm songs a lot of the time. from what i’ve heard she’s a pretty decent vocalist (not rivaling the other members though of course), and i would love for her to sing more.

I love me some mamamoo, but a lot of times moonbyul’s raps sound sooo out of place. ‘’Memory’’ is probably the worst example of this. The girl can sing pretty well so it would be better if they let her do that in songs where a rap would sound strange.

I really like Moonbyul’s rap style. She has such a deep voice and it’s uncommon to see that in a girl in kpop. The way she forms her words is really captivating. I think if you slowed her voice down a bit it could sound like Namjoon

It would be great if Amber from f(x) and Moonbyul from Mamamoo could do a collab one day. I don’t know how to put it but they both have voices with low tones. I would love to know how their voices sound together. Plus, I think they would get along because they have kind of similar personalities.

It pains me to see amazing vocalists like Amber and (now that she sang in paint me) Moonbyul reduces to mediocre raps. Moonbyul verse in paint me was so beautiful to the ears. And ambers song Beautiful is heartwarming. Their vocals are so under appreciated by their company’s.

I’d love to see a Jimin (AOA), Moonbyul and LE collab.