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Jaemin’s big eyes and perfect smile are just as creepy as the Jo twins’

Nct haechan could thrive as a solo artist in the future if sm let him

One of the ridiculous things about the NCT fandom is that whether or not they’re a solo stan, most NCT stans alway think their fave is underrated and it’s so annoying. Like Doyoung, Ten, Johnny, Jaehyun, Winwin, Mark, Taeyong, Renjun, and Taeil stans mostly, all think SM hates them and the fandom hates them and everyone in the universe is working against them. And not to take sides or show my bias, but considering they all have different talents, opportunities, and exposure, how can all these members all be underrated at the same time? Do their fans not release how ridiculous that is? I only trust Jisung stans because they seem the least likely to act up, though I’m sure just me saying that is going to jinx it.

I think comparing NCT choreo with SVT choreo is fruitless; it’s like apples and oranges, neither can be said to be objectively better than the other. NCT’s choreo style is more like hiphop dance crews while SVT is more reminiscent of something like a ballet or musical theatre troupe (even when they do ‘darker’ choreo). Both groups are very skilled but they have pretty different styles and strengths, so comparing the groups is mostly just a matter of preference

i wish more nctzens acknowledged jeno. like, i get hes in a group with loud (and charming i love all the boys) personalities like hyuck and jaemin and chenle, but it feels like a lot of nctzens didn’t even know he existed until he started getting buff. he’s so so talented and so so sweet! he’s one of the best dancers in nct, he’s a great center for dream, his rapping is only getting better and better, and he’s so cute and dorky. it breaks my heart that he’s one of ncts least popular members .

I love NCT with all my heart, but I feel like they’re going to flop soon. Yeah, their sales are good. But the new members barely have any fans and aren’t as well known, and I fear the same would happen for other members that get added. It’s also really expensive to have a group like NCT, with the amount of members and variety of concepts. And it sucks, because all the members of NCT are ridiculously talented. I really hope I’m wrong though.

I can kind of understand where the comparisons between bts and nct are coming from. Before I thought they were just random and unfounded, but when I look at what nct are doing now, and how they’re viewed, and compare it to what army constantly preach about bts and their come up, I can see the things they have in common. nct’s music is a lot more hip hop and rap based, with many people praising their rappers for their writing and producing skills, which they do for a lot of the songs they’re featured in, and from the start, they didn’t get much support from the kpop community. they were constantly in exo’s shadow, they didn’t get a first win right away, many said b3p skipped them, etc. but less than 3 full years later, they’re in the states and making a big impact, and making name for themselves, even selling out an american tour. And they’re really persevering despite all the hate they’re getting from literally everyone. I’m not saying their paths are exactly alike or that everything that’s happened for bts will happen for nct, but more and more I’m seeing why the comparisons are being made. Though I pray nct do not follow in bts footsteps because nctzens.. whew! they’re already a handful, imagine if they were like army.. sounds like a literal nightmare.

A lot of people would rather see Kpop idols collaborating with each other over Western artists, but there already are a lot of Kpop collabs, it’s just mostly with solo artists. Does’t make sense for a group to collab with another group; that’ll be like 20 people on a track… NCT already proved that with a collab that big, only a few will get lines, or screen time, and many people won’t get either.

When I first saw NCT in We Go Up, I really thought that Mark was the maknae.

I thought i been a nct fan but i only just recently found out that chenle released 3 whole albums before joining sm in china. I love him in NCT but i honestly wonder why he chose to come to korea instead of just continuing on his own in China especially bc when i checked out his solo songs they weren’t at all as bad or cringey as i expected.