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i would really like to see a nct u comeback with taeil, jaehyun and jungwoo. i mean, taeil’s powerful voice, jaehyun’s deep voice and jungwoo’s soft voice would mix really well together in my opinion, they also seem comfortable with each i ther and have good chemistry

it really annoys me how some people only care about jungwoo from nct when they want to ship him with other members, he can sing and dance really well, not to mention he’s really funny and sweet, but some people apperently can’t see that and only like to view him as a soft gay boy, it jsut really gets in my nerves because he’s so much more than that

I would love to see another dance stage by Six-Pack (NCT’s Ten, Seventeen’s Dino, Astro’s Rocky, Romeo’s HyunKyung, Monsta X’s Shownu, Got7’s Jinyoung). It was insanely good when they performed 3 years ago and I just know that it would be even better now

Jaehyun is just too beautiful. I have a hard time even believing in his existence bc whenever he does anything it seems so flawless. I have trouble believing that that man is made of flesh. I fear that if i went to an nct concert all the other members would be there and he’d just be a hologram. He isn’t even my nct bias since i don’t stan ai but i can’t help but feel this way. He’s unreal and its unfair.

Jaewoo is the cutest nct ship, Jaehyun once said that Jungwoo is very comfortable with him and Jungwoo keeps clinging to Jaehyun, and not to mention when they dressed up as Jack and Rose for Halloween

NCTzens need to stop expecting for everyone in the fandom to care about every single member and every single unit out there, all the units have their own style that some may not like and its difficult keeping up with every single one of their activities. it doesn’t make you any less of a fan if you only follow and care about one unit. just let people be

Can people give Taeyong a friggin’ rest already? He’s already apologized for his past several times, has acknowledged that he was a shit middle schooler, and has grown from it. I don’t know why Knetizens are bringing his past up again and acting like he’s never changed when he clearly has.

There are so many idols’ who’s voices just entrance me. Red Velvet’s Yeri, Loona’s Jinsoul, Stray Kids’ Lee know, Nct’s Jungwoo, CLC’s Seunghee. I don’t know exactly why, but I just melt everytile i listrn to them.

One of the ridiculous things about the NCT fandom is that whether or not they’re a solo stan, most NCT stans alway think their fave is underrated and it’s so annoying. Like Doyoung, Ten, Johnny, Jaehyun, Winwin, Mark, Taeyong, Renjun, and Taeil stans mostly, all think SM hates them and the fandom hates them and everyone in the universe is working against them. And not to take sides or show my bias, but considering they all have different talents, opportunities, and exposure, how can all these members all be underrated at the same time? Do their fans not release how ridiculous that is? I only trust Jisung stans because they seem the least likely to act up, though I’m sure just me saying that is going to jinx it.