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oh my girl hyojung really feels like a jpop idol to me. she just has a kind of aura to her that i see more often with jpop idols than in kpop. like her personality and attitude really reminds me more of other jpop idols than kpop idols. im not generalizing, as a jpop AND kpop stan i just see idols like her in jpop more often than in kpop


all of a sudden people are saying that the main vocal line of oh my girl is seunghee, hyojung, and binnie. It’s always been seunghee, hyojung, and yooa. Yooa almost always gets like the 2nd or 3rd most lines in their songs and harder parts than Binnie, so i don’t get it???

Oh My Girl’s YooA is seriously from another world. Her doll-like face, incredible dance skills, and her voice… it’s so unique! I’m glad they let her sing with her true voice in Vogue. On the other hand, she should have been promoted more.

oh my girl’s newest release has my money and time because it’s actually a bop. the chorus is addictive and the whole building to that part is amazing. great job

One thing that I really appreciate Oh My Girl for and what makes them my favorite group is the fact that they don’t always have Mimi rap in their songs. Mimi is easily one of the best gg rappers, but sometimes a song doesn’t need a rap and it’ll sound awkward with one. Secret Garden, for example, would’ve just been ruined if they had Mimi rap in the song. She has a good singing voice too so it’s nice to hear her sing now and then


whenever people talk about best female rappers of the new generation, i never see mimi (omg) being mentioned which is a shame because she’s actually great

IDK why everyone says Blackpink needs a full album when Oh My Girl who debuted the year before them and have released way more minis than them only just got one. Other groups like CLC, Gugudan, Weki Meki who’ve also released more EPs than them and debuted around similar times or before them also do not have full EPs. I think they should release more mini albums and develop their music style more and then release a full EP.

Where is the special dance stage we deserve with Seungyeon, Soojin, Yeji, Chaeyong, Chaeryong, Lisa, Mijoo, Yooa, Seulgi and Momo? If only fan wars werent a thing…