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i think everybody knows this but there’s absolutely something fishy about laun leaving onf so suddenly. there was no farewell letter for the fans, no reason cited except for a mention of “personal” reasons, and the other members avoid from talking about him. biggest mystery of the year so far.

I really hope ONF make a comeback soon. They had a very strong debut and ‘Complete’ is also such a bop. Yet WM keeps them in the basement. I think that they could be really successful and it’s important that they get a fandom. And that’s not going to happen if they aren’t allowed to promote. Anyway, please check out ONF and support their next comeback, whenever that may be.

ONF comeback is totally amazing! The song, the groove, the vocals, the aesthetic MV, the professionalism, the set, the harmony, choreo, saxophone sound, I have no words for it. And their live performance, how they can dance so difficult choreo and excellently sing every line? (go listen if you don’t believe). And their whole album, like Fifty fifty masterpiece and 86400. Stan them, please. You won’t regret. This is WM quality people

I’m WM trash and I’m proud of it. B1A4, I, Oh My Girl, ONF… All of them have that best friend feeling I love them. They make me be their sister and support them and follow them and in return I’m always full of happiness. Wait, except for Sandeul. He always makes me cry with his voice and emotions. How such pure thing can exists in this world?

It’s just probably me but Minhyun when he was on No. Mercy I wasn’t a fan of his singing. I didn’t think he was the greatest. However I liked and admire that he kept trying and trying. So when he was revealed to be in ONF I became really happy for him because he finally made it!!! I’m glad he is doing what he wants. I wish him a lot of happiness