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I hope that even though Jimin will no longer be a JYPE artist after this month ends, her friendship with other JYPE idols like Jae and Momo will still be strong.

I’m glad Jimin is leaving JYP because they’re not letting her be a singer (“JYP, are you listening? I’m a singer, I have to sing, but I’m MCing!”). JYP really isn’t the best place to be if you want to pursue a solo career.

I love jimin to pieces but I can’t help to think that 15& was made for jimin to debut solo later and yerin was just a side kick.

I really hope more idols do a reddit AMA; being able to participate in 15&’s Jimin’s AMA was amazing (and my question was one of the ones she decided to answer!)

I love Jimin and she sounded really beautiful but she looked really stiff and her movements were unnatural but you can’t really blame her because it’s her first time promoting I believe , but I know she will have even more stage presence with time

Taiga, we don’t want to see your face anymOre~~ StAHp iT

when someone tries to talk to you but you antisocial af




Did you know that “Jimin” spelled backwards is “nimij” which, in Spanish, means “Little fucker that won’t ever let you have a boyfriend because he will always be in your fucking mind”?… Well, now you know.