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I wish more KPOP MVs had a story to them, like Pentagon’s Humph or The Rose’s Baby.

Hui and Hyojong are very talented and busy songwriters in- and outside of Pentagon, but it seems like even many Universe don’t know that Kino, Wooseok, and Yuto write and compose for Pentagon too! They worked on several Pentagon songs and Wooseok even co-wrote songs for Wannaone, Produce101, and The Unit! I wish more people inside and outside the fandom would know about it and give them credit.

Pentagon’s Sha La La still remains the best song I’ve heard this year, and I am extremely disapointed it did not give the group their first win.

I am always sad that whenever people talk about good rappers in Kpop, almost no one mentions Wooseok or Yuto. I don’t know much about rapping technique, but to me those two always sound very in tune and rhythm with the song. They excel in delivering emotion for slower songs and can spit fire in the more upbeat ones. Their solos (Wooseok on the 9801 mini album and Yuto on the special song he released a couple years ago) are really good and I’m sad that they go almost unacknowledged.

First it was Pentagon not standing up for E’Dawn.  Then it was iKon not standing up for B.I.  Both of them carried their groups to stardom, and the other members totally betrayed them when they were kicked out for nonsense reasons.  This just goes to show that no matter how close idols appear, many won’t think twice about stabbing you in the back when there’s money on the line.  It’s depressing to know that there are probably a lot more idols I admire who, when put to the test, would put money over morality and loyalty.

I know that Hui is technically speaking a fantastic vocalist but I really don’t like his voice. He sometimes ruins Pentagon’s songs for me. I’d rather listen to Jinho any day.

This may sound harsh but this most recent comeback confirmed it for me: I don’t miss E’dawn at all. To be honest, he doesn’t even cross my mind when watching the video. Pentagon has more than enough talent and charisma to be great without him, and I like seeing Wooseok shine more- he can fill his role just fine.

They easily could’ve included Kino on stage. Vernon had a similar injury during Oh My and he would sing his line and just walk out. They could’ve been more creative like how they are doing with the promotions outside of the music shows. I feel like it would’ve boosted their chances for a win.

Pentagon’s latest comeback was.. not my favourite. I feel bad comparing, but I wanted something that would POP like Shine, and I didn’t get that. However, I LOVED the video. It was absolutely amazing. The theme, the concept, the colours, the general aesthetic; everything was on point (except Yuto’s hair, but I won’t start discourse on that now). Also I felt like their actual performance was quite powerful. Especially Hui, Jinho, and Wooseok. They had a presence during their parts that was really quite captivating. I hope they continue the direction they’re going in. So even though I’m not a fan of the song, I’m going to continue watching the video and recommending them to others.

Naughty Boy by Pentagon is a better song, music video, and choreography than Shine ever was.