Category: Produce 48

Dramatic by BVNDIT sounds almost identical to Rumour (Produce 48) to me.

Rumor by PD48 deserved the song of the year for 2018. Actually for song of the decade.

Murase Sae was the most underrated visual in Produce 48.

I cant bring myself to watch the final episode of Produce 48 because I just can’t get behind the final lineup.

In Produce 101, I don’t understand why they keep trainees in F class (even after reevaluation) on the programme. I feel like they’re pretty much useless. I’m not sure if that’s how it works in Produce X 101 now when they get X, but if it is, I feel like it’s much smarter than keeping them in and bringing the other trainees down in their groups because they won’t get as many votes.

I’m not one to cry a lot but during Produce 48 final episode when Sakura was asked if she had a person she was thinking about at the moment and she said Chaeyeon, thanked her and said she hopes they debut together, I nearly cried my eyes out.

although i know many people will disagree, i was actually quite happy with the final lineup of produce48. of course i’d like a few more japanese members but i genuinely do think the final lineup is strong and cohesive as it is. i know a lot of people were saying that some of the girls that were chosen were chosen for their visuals, and while that may be somewhat true, i do think those certain members have proven themselves.

Takahashi Juri debuting in Korea is the J-idol/K-idol crossover I’ve been waiting for.

I want to see the produce series have a show with boys and girls competing to form a coed group, but I already know viewers would be biased against the girls and shippers would go crazy.

I know it’s been a while now but I’m glad international fans didnt get to vote on pd48. Honestly, int fans would have been biased in voting for the korean trainees, I mean look at some of their top choices; Gaeun, Chaeyeon, Yunjin, Yoojin, Chowon, Eunbi ect. All girl crush material. They would’ve overlooked anybody who was on the ‘softer’ & ‘girly’ side. As talented as she is, Chaewon would’ve never made top12 if it was up to int votes.