Category: Queendom

I expected the groups to challenge different concepts when the 2nd round of Queendom was announced. As in Mamamoo/G-idle doing Oh my girl/Lovelyz concept and Aoa with Park Bom. But almost all the groups covered songs/concepts that were already similar to their established ones. At least Lovelyz was brave enough to challenge a concept they have never done before. That was refreshing to see.

think AOA hasn’t had a comeback this year till now becase of Queendom, so that when they do come back after so much time there’ll be more antecipation.

i love watching queendom mainly because the girls find ways to cheat mnet’s evil editing. they are all good and supportive, there’s no need for stupid fan wars

Aoa has done nothing but deliver on Queendom and im so happy that they’re actually getting recognized for that. You can literally see the hard work and the countless amount of practice they must’ve gone through whenever you watch their stages on the show. Even though its groups on the show that i like more outside of it i can’t help but only root for them bc imo they deserve it the most with whats been shown so far

i see a lot of people bashing “queendom” for pitting girl groups against each other, but i’m kind of excited about it! I’ve stanned aoa, oh my girl, & (g)-idle since their debuts and i’m excited to see their interactions! i think people should stop taking it so seriously and just see the fun in it