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I know there are a ton of instances where idols have to lips synch but some are so bad at. For instance, I love BTS with all my heart, but Rap Monster is so bad at lip synching. Sometimes I only notice their lip synching because he’s so bad at it. He’s definitely not the only one though.

This is kind of hard to explain and its unnecessarily specific but I love the beat that’s used in the I Need U remix at the MelonMusic Awards when Rap Mon starts rapping. That beat goes so hard and I wish they would’ve used it in the original. Not to mention that performance was great too.

Some kpop fans need to stop acting like their Rap/Hip Hop experts. Like no offence but if you genuinely think that rappers such as Rap Mon and Jackson are better than all of American rappers, then you’re not a real rap fan as you claim to be.

Zelo and Rap Monster have the cutest dimples ever.

Tell me the story of how the moon loved the sun so much, it died every night to let him breathe.

Teacher: “Any questions?”


Yoongi: “You are what you eat”

Seokjin: “That’s funny. I don’t remember eating a sexy beast this morning”

Someone: “You’d look a lot better if you didn’t wear glasses”


“What do you want for Christmas?”