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When I asked what timezone this blog is in, yo…

When I asked what timezone this blog is in, you said it didn't have one because the admins are from different places, but I meant like, what time zone does it post in. I was wondering just because I am an admin on another blog myself but I don't own the blog, so the original owner of it, who made the blog, has the blog posting in whatever time zone Spain is in lol (because she lives in Spain and I live in Canada and I couldn't figure out why something I posted at 3pm had a 9pm time tag on it)

Ohhh, sorry about that 😆 I didn’t realize setting an official timezone on a sideblog was a thing, actually! I just changed the timezone to be EST, which is what both Katherine and I go by. Before, it was in PST (which makes sense because the previous main admin was in PST)! I can see how confusing that could be! Luckily, we don’t have many problems with timezone stuff. 

(Off-topic, but I think it’s so cool that you work with someone in another country! It’s neat to see how different yet alike we all are. Personally, working with people of other countries on this blog has been really cool and definitely an eyeopener to how important diversifying the opening times is 😊)

hi is there an admin page on mobile where we c…

hi is there an admin page on mobile where we can get to know you guys better <3

Hi hi! Yes, there is! If you open our page through the Tumblr app, you see our image (the picture of Red Velvet) and title, and then a paragraph that starts our bio – it will say if the ask box is closed or open. If you click on that section of text, it will expand and show your our rules and a bunch of links you can click. The admin page is one of them!

That being said, I only know how to do this on an iPhone. It might be completely different on other phones. But if you wanted to look it up on a browser like Safari or Google Chrome, here’s the link:

There are only three admins listed on it now: Jimin, Gia, and myself. The three other admins are still in training, but will be introduced to you all very soon!

Oh and also: if you ever want to get to know us better, don’t hesitate to send us messages! I know we’ve said this for general concerns about the blog, but we enjoy getting to know you guys better too!

Love, main admin @katherinedoeskpop

Do you want/expect confessions to say &quot;co…

Do you want/expect confessions to say "confession" at the start of the message or..?

Nope! Whenever we open the ask box/submissions, it’s literally just for lovely people like yourself to send in their opinions and confessions. Sometimes we get a message that’s more general or for the admins, but we can tell which ones those are. So, you can just go ahead and type in whatever you want to write!


What timezone is this blog in?

What timezone is this blog in?

The blog doesn’t have an official time zone, because the admins are from all over! We load posts into our queue so that they can be published at all times of the day.  But if you want to contact a main admin, both us are on EDT!

When you guys open the inbox, how long does it…

When you guys open the inbox, how long does it usually take to fill up?

It depends on when we open! For this recent one, it took a little under two hours. But as a general, the later we open, the longer it takes (probably because most timezones are asleep at that point). 

You guys work so hard on this blog that you de…

You guys work so hard on this blog that you deserve some sort of profit!

Thank you, I feel very flattered heh! Honestly, just seeing all the interactions and discussions (and wonderfully kind messages like this!) is enough for me.  Besides, what we do is not at all unique or groundbreaking enough for us to profit off of. We’re happy enough just running the blog! 😸

not a confession, but i want to ask if we coul…

not a confession, but i want to ask if we could post confessions about idols that have passed but aren't stated in your rules. thank you for all your hard work!

I’m sorry, but we won’t accept confessions about any deceased idols.  Even if the idol you’re thinking of is not specifically mentioned in the rules, we want to let those who have passed on rest in peace and respect their families and loved ones.  Thank you for the question; I hope that this clears things up. -Katherine

you dont have to post this, i just wanted to l…

you dont have to post this, i just wanted to let you admins know that youre doing a great job! im glad you guys maintain a platform where we can openly discuss our opinions without feeling discouraged. thank you so much!! 🙂

Thank you so much!! It all seems so simple, but I realize how much this blog means to some of you, and I’m so glad you feel safe saying your opinions here. We hope you continue to enjoy the blog!!


hey this isnt a confession but i just wanna th…

hey this isnt a confession but i just wanna thank the admins for this blog <3 even if.. things do get riled up sometimes lol just thank you for remaining unbiased and posting all the confessions~ i love you

Awwww thank you so much, anon! It always cheers us up to come across these nice little notes when we’re sifting through the opinions 🙂 

About things getting riled up sometimes… I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. Jimin has mentioned this as well, but we’ve both noticed the comment sections have been getting a lot more heated.  Earlier today, someone thought I was the OP of a post because I commented giving someone else the picture source, and they told me that I was “on crack” because they disagreed with the opinion. I’m not really offended by it in the long run, but this is only the latest in a long line of recent examples… and I want to address it.

Though Jimin and I read the comments sections for every post, we’re not going to start jumping in and policing everything everyone says. We want people to be able to debate, and an unpopular opinions blog is always going to have a bit of drama. It’s not always easy to stay calm when the post says negative things about your fave(s); I totally get it.   However, I think we should remember that behind every commenter’s profile picture of Jungkook/Momo/Sehun/insert your bias here is a real person, with real feelings and a life story outside of K-pop that we know next to nothing about.  By all means, debate and disagree – but let’s try to do it respectfully without unnecessary name-calling or insults.

Anyway, sorry for taking anon’s lovely message on a long tangent! Here’s Donghae being cute to brighten up everyone’s weekend! He shook my hand at KCON NY and I’m still not over it

Love, main admin @katherinedoeskpop


First I wanna thank the admins for thier hard …

First I wanna thank the admins for thier hard work! I think this blog shows how much the kpop fanbase has grown over the years for better and for worse. I used to look through comments to see people reply to opinions, it was interesting to see different viewpoints, now the comments have gotten vicious, people attack the opinion with things like 'get your ears fixed' instead of recommending better songs like before. It really shows how our fandom as a whole has drastically changed over the years.

Thank you for staying with us (for a while, it seems like)! I know it’s easy to lose interest in things quickly too. I love the point you bring up! Funny enough, I was just thinking about how much this blog has changed. 

The growth has brought a lot of new fans in, and new fans mean more opinions and more discussions, which is great. When I first discovered this blog, there weren’t many comments. I recently realized just how incredible the increase in comments was lol. I think critical comments have always been around, but I guess like you said, the wording has become a little more intense. Sometimes it’s hard trying to stay fair when I see harsher comments. But regardless, yes, this blog really does show how the K-pop fandom has evolved over the years. I look forward to how different or same the fandom will act in the years to come.