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not a confession: i just want to thank you all…

not a confession: i just want to thank you all for the hard work and effort you put into this blog.<3


thank you for the kind words, anon!! we hope you continue to enjoy the blog!!!

question for admins: i think your rule about d…

question for admins: i think your rule about deceased idols, such as jonghyun, is great, but what i'm wondering is why we're not allowed to send in confessions that are about his/her group and/or members, if it is not related at all to the deceased idol? like if i wanted to post a comment on taemin's new album, it wouldn't be related to jonghyun, so would that be okay?

Hey! Actually, that ban was only temporary, and I mentioned it was lifted two openings ago and deleted it from the rules. You can send opinions about SHINee and individual members, just as long as the opinion isn’t about Jonghyun (indirectly or not). Same goes for 100% now (forgot to mention that in the opening). Sorry about the confusion. 

I was hoping this issue could be somehow addre…

I was hoping this issue could be somehow addressed? I notice many people who reply to posts don't appear to understand the opinions aren't supposed to be something people will agree to hence UNPOPULAR. Yet, some people are so aggressive in their comments to posts because they disagree. I understand one of the intentions of this page is to encourage discussion, but some people are downright rude. Thank you to the ADMIN for your hard work ~♥

Yes! I think regardless of whether something is “popular” or “unpopular,” you have to understand that not everyone will agree.

Though, I am a bit concerned about the responses I’m about about the discussion aspect. We got another ask concerned about the comments, which I answered already. I definitely don’t want to take away the replies (and I’m sure that’s not what you want either, anon), but I also don’t have the time to check every single comment nor the authority to block someone because her/his opinion is “wrong.”

I understand the problem is more about being rude, and I definitely condemn anyone who replies with no tact. All I can ask is if you see a repeating offender who is harassing or continuously trashing with malicious intent, please send a fanmail to this blog or message to my Tumblr (off anon please!), and I will look into it. As always, thank you all for being patient with us and to those of you who remain respectful and open-minded!!

Am I the only one confused when submissions ar…

Am I the only one confused when submissions are open about the difference between the ask/submission box and fanmail? What's fanmail? the only way to send anything in that I can see is by clicking the yellow ask box link on the bottom right of the page. Am I doing it wrong? Am I just dumb?

I’m sorry for the confusion! I would say don’t worry about fanmail if you can’t see it and just send in opns how you have been! 

Personally, I’m not sure anymore how to send fanmail lol, but I know the option’s still there because we still get fanmail. You can’t send us fanmail through our actual page, but I think you can access the option through mobile or by clicking our little picture and seeing that generic layout that everyone has (does this even make sense???). But again, don’t worry about it unless you actually need to contact us! :~)

This isn&rsquo;t necessarily a confession, but…

This isn’t necessarily a confession, but more about the comment section of the post. I feel like it’s become a witch hunt in the comments. This is a blog about UNPOPULAR opinions. But sometimes I’m scared to even give my own opinion in the comments bc people are so rude and hostile there. We’re all here to see opinions on this blog and it’s like a little family here. Please be kinder to people! P.S also thank you to the admins that take care of this blog!

Oh no, please don’t be scared!! I honestly get really bothered by the fact that so many of you are scared to voice your opinion because of what others might have to say back. I mean, if you disagree with an opinion, that’s fine! I encourage discussion, but all I ask is that you be open-minded about the opinions of other people. 

I get it, being kind of overdramatic and “rude” (or I guess blunt is better??) is the trend. And I mean, you’re free to speak that way, but you could be the reason someone like anon doesn’t want to participate, and ya know that’s not really fair. Anon, just know you have just as much of a right to speak, and I would say be confident in your opinion! No one can tell you your opinion is “wrong.”

Hey I was wondering if you guys could post Aus…

Hey I was wondering if you guys could post Australian times too when you say the askbox is opened? I got really confused trying to convert and didn't know whether it opened at 1am, 7am or 11am, so I stayed up until 1am (but it opened 7am lmaooo) Sorry If this is a nuisance! Have a lovely day! 🙂 😊

Hello! First of all, I’m so sorry for the inconvenience (but also that dedication tho). If I could, I would totally put more time zones, but because I live in the U.S. and have not substantially lived in any other country, it is difficult to decide which timezones to use (which is why I added UTC because it’s the most universal)!

I’m open to adding more timezones, but to do that I need help from y’all who live outside of North America to tell me what timezone is most say prevalent or most logical in your respective country/continent. If I unfortunately don’t add your specific timezone, I would recommend always using UTC to convert!

(Also, I’d just like to personally apologize to all our wonderful Oceania followers for not opening during the most convenient times. I’ll definitely be able to open during times comfortable to you all in the upcoming months!)

This is a critique to the blog: I&rsquo;m not …

This is a critique to the blog: I’m not sure if the submissions don’t realize their opinions are perfectly mainstream or if the admins delete all the actual juicy submissions, but I have not seen one unpopular opinion that made me think in the several years I’ve followed

if you’ve followed us for “several years,” you should have seen that we’ve addressed m a n y times. 

thus, i ain’t saying anything more than it’s not something i can help. “mainstream” is subjective. i barely know what k-pop fans are chatting about nowadays except when we get in opinions. i ain’t responding to these concerns anymore.

Have you admins noticed the (recent) grammar e…

Have you admins noticed the (recent) grammar error of people writing plurals like contractions or possessive nouns? For instance, “ARMY’s are cool” or “They are my favorite singer’s.” I wonder when people started to get confused by the apostrophe usage.

yeah, actually! i was confused at one point and wondered, maybe i’m doing something wrong lol. but to be fair, i think some of it is unintended and from autocorrect or in the moment mistake or lack of english skills. and it’s widespread too. i’ve seen big companies use apostrophes in wrong situations and i’m like 👀 (kidding kidding). but yah, it can be difficult to grasp the concept esp if you’re surrounded by companies/people that keep using apostrophes wrong as well.

Just wanted to say thank you for taking time t…

Just wanted to say thank you for taking time to run this blog! 💖

tysm sweet anon!! and thank you for taking the time to read up on the blog! it’s mutual love!!


Not a confession but a question: is cussing pe…

Not a confession but a question: is cussing permitted in confessions? Like using wtf or stuff like that?

it’s permitted, but if you use the f-bomb, it won’t be included in the text in the photo. but everything including the f-bomb will be in the text that’s below the photo.