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Not a confession but a question: is cussing pe…

Not a confession but a question: is cussing permitted in confessions? Like using wtf or stuff like that?

it’s permitted, but if you use the f-bomb, it won’t be included in the text in the photo. but everything including the f-bomb will be in the text that’s below the photo.

I just wanted to say thank you for always post…

I just wanted to say thank you for always posting. I love you guys!

hi love!! thank you for the delightful words! we only post because people like you read our posts, so thank you for supporting the blog ❤️


Hello, I love this blog x

Hello, I love this blog x

glad to hear you enjoy the blog!! ty for the sweet words :~))


Ive been wondering for a while, who is the gro…

Ive been wondering for a while, who is the group in your profile picture?

it’s red velvet, love!

this is not a confession, more like a question…

this is not a confession, more like a question towards EXO-L. what does "Aeris" means? i know it's something Baekhyun made up for us fans but i kinda missed when this happened lol … sorry im just confused

“aeri” is like the korean pronunciation of “L” (aer) plus an informal, kinda close way of addressing someone (i)! i believe baekhyun started it because he felt “exo-l” was too formal, so he switched to aeri. and since most fans address the members with the informal additive ending (e.g. baekhyunie), he wanted to reciprocate.

could be completely wrong lol. someone with a phd in exo/exo-l business feel free to correct me or add on!

What does OP mean?

What does OP mean?

well in terms of this blog, it means original poster aka the person who created/sent in the opinion! 

is it possible for the mods to use the ask box…

is it possible for the mods to use the ask box for questions? It seems like no one even uses the comment room anymore. I have posted concerns regarding certain posts in there, but because no one even goes in there anymore, it's being ignored. One of the issues I have is that sometimes I see confessions that don't need any grammar correction, yet you change what was in the original text in the image text. For example, post/159148215324/. There was nothing grammatically wrong in the text (1/2)

(2/2) below the image. That whole phrase was supposed to be one sentence, not two. By splitting it up into two sentences, you made a dependent clause out of the first sentence. A dependent clause cannot stand alone by itself.

Hey! First, I want to thank you for being polite about your comment. Most of the asks we’ve gotten about our grammar have been pretty rude, and it’s hard to reply calmly when you’ve got an angry anon to fight lol. i’ve answered this before, and I will repeat. Fanmail is always open for questions and other inquiry. If we kept the box open, I’m sure people would ignore our status and send in opinions. I think it’s just more organized to keep our system the way it is right now.

The comment box is NOT for people to contact admins (it’s in the rules to the right). It’s not our responsibility to respond there. If you have a problem with the grammar, fanmail it to us instead. I’ve been trying to delete the comment room since no one reads the rules and no one talks about the content of opinions anymore. But the people who run the thing are butts oops.

Reading the opinion, I totally understand what you’re saying. Sometimes it’s kind of… I don’t know like a waste (?) to keep the opn in the drafts just because of a single comma, especially because we’re not claiming to be grammar gurus who get the grammar right every time, you know? I’m trying to be a little more “strict” with commas with the grammar I know (which let me tell you, I haven’t taken an English class in like over a year please be patient with me rip).

I’ll repeat, we’ve never claimed that our grammar is 100% accurate nor that we will catch every error. This is a place to read opinions, not to grade the opinions on grammar. Now this doesn’t mean I’ll ignore you if you bring up an error. I’ll look at it, and if I think it’s super annoying, I’ll tell the admin who made the opn.

Again, thank you for being polite and patient with us. We hope you can continue to be patient with us! :~))

Love, main admin paperjewels

Hi admins! Its almost christmas and new year s…

Hi admins! Its almost christmas and new year so i want to wish you all a merry Chistmas if you celebrate and happy new year! Stay safe and eat well! 💕

Hi anon!! Thank you so much for your sweet words :~)))

i want to take this time to wish not only anon a merry Christmas but everyone a wonderful Christmas (or whatever you celebrate!). I realize it’s not Christmas yet for some and not Christmas anymore for others, but my wishes still stand!! I hope you all are spending the day with some good food (rip our scales), fun presents, and most importantly loved ones!! And please be safe ok!! 

Thank you all for all the support as always! Have a safe and lovely Christmas and New Year’s!!


Love, the unpopularkpop-opinions team

if you still do top post of the month, maybe y…

if you still do top post of the month, maybe you could also do the opposite (being an unpopular opinion blog) by showing the least popular opinion? also to the ppl running this blog thanks for all your hard work!

o man i completely forgot about the top post of the month since our old main admin vera did them. but maybe if you guys want those posts back, i’ll start again for 2018!! but yes, if i do start, i’ll also include the least popular (that is if i can find the right tool to find the post!). good suggestion, OP!! :~)))

What are the admins favorite releases this yea…

What are the admins favorite releases this year?

oh sweet, sweet anon… you said “releases,” so don’t be mad that we have a long list ok!!!! let’s get physical nosy!! 

Jimin (paperjewels

  • Singles: “Beautiful” by Monsta X; “I Wait” by DAY6; “365 Fresh” by Triple H; “Movie” by BTOB; “All Night” by Girls’ Generation
  • Albums: “1X1=1 (To Be One)” by Wanna One; “The War” by EXO

Gia (umjisthumb

  • Singles: “Babyface” by WJSN; “Likey” by TWICE; “Why Don’t You Know” by Chungha
  • Albums: “Perfect Velvet” by Red Velvet; “The Awakening” by G-Friend

Shaina (imgoodimdonek)

  • Singles: "Crazy Sexy Cool” by ASTRO; “Shall We Dance” by Block B (other than BTS hehehe)
  • Albums: "White Night” by Taeyang; “Television” by Zico

Katherine (katherinedoeskpop)

  • Singles: "One More Chance” by Super Junior; “Where You At” by NU’EST W; “Peek-A-Boo” by Red Velvet; “As If It’s Your Last” by Black Pink; “You in Me” by K.AR.D
  • Albums: "My Voice” by Taeyeon; “Eclipse” by EXID; “Love Yourself 承 ‘Her’” by BTS; “Limitless” by NCT 127

Gia (1kardsomin)

  • Singles: "Sweet Crazy Love” by LOOΠΔ Odd Eye Circle; “Peek-A-Boo” by Red Velvet; “Trust Me” by K.A.R.D; “Push & Pull” by K.A.R.D

as always with these kinds of posts, please let us know what your favorite L I T songs are!! let’s all share good music ok!! don’t be selfish!!!