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I have a question, I know you say no questions…

I have a question, I know you say no questions, but- I'm sorry! Are the girls in your icon Red Velvet? I can't tell!

Hi anon! Yes, that is indeed Red Velvet! I believe it’s from a photoshoot they did a couple of years ago.

P.S. You all can feel free to send in questions whenever we open the ask box! It’s just that we probably won’t reply if you can find the answers in our FAQ 😉

Hi admins! I really appreciate your hard work …

Hi admins! I really appreciate your hard work sorting through and making all these confession images! I do have a suggestion though, when you edit the original confession and rearrange parts of a sentence, it sometimes changes the tone of it, and may not match OP’s original intention when you read their ask. As well, I’ve noticed you guys have begun to separate contractions, which TBH does read out more unnatural. These are OFC just my personal observations. Thank you again for your work!

Hi anon, thanks for sending this in. I apologize if this response ends up sounding flippant or a long and elaborate way of saying, “Thanks, but I’m just going to do what I want.”  I promise that’s not my intent! I really do appreciate the suggestions, and I’ll be more mindful about the one that applies to me.  But since I’m probably not going to make any major changes to my editing process or ask my fellow admin to do so, I feel like I should explain why.

I’ll fully admit that I often rearrange sentences. I try my best to keep what I think is OP’s original intent, but sometimes I go into automatic “English teacher mode.”  However, this is because my main goal in correcting an opinion’s grammar is making it easy to understand for people who don’t speak English as a first language. So, this often results in me shifting around what I think are clauses with equal emphasis in order to organize the opinion and make it clearer.  While that can result in some slight tone changes, I would argue that’s more of a nuance and up to subjective interpretation.  This is part of why we include OP’s original text – if we are wrong (and it can happen), OP’s text shows their original thoughts and tone.

***That being said, if anyone reading this ever submits an opinion and thinks that our edit alters your original meaning, feel free to send us a fanmail about it. Or if you get notifications and know I specifically made the post, you can send me an ask/private message to my personal Tumblr. I’d be happy to talk and make the needed changes.

As for the separating contractions thing… I get it, but I don’t really think it’s that big of a deal. The admin who does it usually edits the opinions she gets into more formal English, and that’s her stylistic choice.  All the admins are busy people (I’m still technically on hiatus for at least another week), and I’m not going make her re-edit opinions because she wrote “do not” instead of “don’t.”

I just wanted to add one more thing for all of our followers whose native language isn’t English: if we edit your opinion a lot, please don’t think it means you’re bad at English! Learning another language is hard – English especially – and we’re not trying to shame anyone or make them feel bad about their grammar. Even fluent speakers make mistakes all the time (myself included). We’re really just trying to make things as clear as possible for everyone, and it has nothing to do with us judging your level or ability!

– Katherine

Sometimes i wonder if this blog actually makes…

Sometimes i wonder if this blog actually makes haters' job easier and gives them more attention.

I do think indirectly, we kind of do. It’s kind of sad because we don’t post negative stuff to spread hate, you know? We just see it as another opinion – maybe different, but still just as valid as any other opinion. But sometimes people see us posting controversial stuff in a different way. 

Negative stuff also always gets more attention, at least in terms of comments. Yeah it’s more attention, but it’s also more discussion and people explaining why they disagree (or disagree). We try our best to catch any “haters,” but we always want to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Not an opinion but how does the fanmail work? …

Not an opinion but how does the fanmail work? Do people send fanmail addresses to the groups they follow? Is it for the admins?

This is about the cutest thing I’ve seen on this blog LOL (though, anon, you probably didn’t mean to make it this cute haha).

Fanmail is an ancient Tumblr artifact that still somehow works, even after messaging became a thing on here. It’s like an ask, but there’s “technically” no option to reply to the ask; to reply to a fanmail, you have to send a separate one (also, you can’t be anonymous). It’s literally like irl fanmail, except on the web. The only use of fanmail I know of is for spam, to be honest haha. But on this blog, feel free to use fanmail to send us questions or concerns! I don’t think there’s a way to send one on desktop – I think it’s only a loophole on mobile (idk, tbh)? 

(This is still so cute I can’t get over this asdjojdfg as if we deserve physical fanmail or knew where idols lived – could you imagine??? lol thank you for making my day, anon 💖)

I’ve got a love-hate relationship with t…

I’ve got a love-hate relationship with this blog. Mix & match: some loving posts, lot of hateful posts, some neutral ones.

^ Posting this directly since it’s about the blog.

idk if the askbox will be open when everyone i…

idk if the askbox will be open when everyone is celebrating, but just in case it's not, happy holidays to the admins!! im rly grateful for the stuff u do for the blog and hope u guys have a great time!!!

(this was sent in two openings ago, but we saved it for closer to the holidays!)

Happy holidays to you as well, anon! Thank you for thinking of us during this time of the year (so early too!). And we extend this to all of our amazingly wonderful readers as well. I can’t believe it’s Christmas already (I’m still stuck in November, personally)! Soon, it’ll be New Years, then Valentines, then… then Christmas again!! 

We hope you all are spending time with loved ones and making the most of Christmas (or any holiday you celebrate)! Please also be safe and responsible while you have fun.

Thank you for all the support! We hope you all continue to enjoy the blog


Love, the unpopularkpop-opinions team

For admins: Regarding a post you made a few we…

For admins: Regarding a post you made a few weeks back about how and when you give warnings: I got the feeling from it that you don't keep track of which blogs have warnings? If that's true and someone breaks the rules again, how will you know if they've been warned before? Obviously right now you're not giving warnings left and right and if someone breaks the rules twice in one week it's different, but I was still wondering

We do keep track of the people we’ve given warnings to. I was just being dramatic in that post because I was tired of people saying we were being lenient with certain blogs, so I was trying to make the point that I can’t play favorites if I don’t always remember specifics like usernames. I actually remember most situations where we’ve had to give out warnings – as in what happened and what the person said to merit one – but I probably wouldn’t be able to name the blogs involved without looking it up.

Since I’ve been a main admin, the people we warn fall into exactly two categories: 

  1. They acknowledge our warning and/or apologize, and they don’t do it again.
  2. They escalate the situation by aggressively arguing with us and insulting us, and then they get themselves blocked.

So, there aren’t actually a lot of repeat offenders right now! Which is great because there were times this summer when we were constantly warning and blocking people, and it was not fun.  Although we usually don’t need to be as strict these days (thankfully), rest assured that we have ways of checking if we’ve warned someone before!

– Katherine

Just a quick thank you to the admins, you guys…

Just a quick thank you to the admins, you guys put up with a lot of crap and I can’t even wrap my head around how you make time for running this blog. Thank you for all the work you do ❤️❤️

Thank you so much for this sweet message! It’s true that things can get a little trying sometimes, but it’s not really to the point where we ever get discouraged. We know how important it is to have a place where people feel they can share their opinions anonymously, and we just want to do our best. And yes it does feel like my second job sometimes, but it’s a fun job!

Love, Katherine


did you ever consider creating a curiouscat ac…

did you ever consider creating a curiouscat account? I wanted to ask you a question last week (not a confession) but your asks were closed and now I forgot the question lol

Before you sent this in, anon, not really! 

To be honest, I’m very reluctant because I’ve seen how uh… nasty… those anonymous asking sites can get, and I knowwwwwwwwwww that we would get bombarded with baseless attacks. I definitely don’t need more negativity in my life lol. I think our system is fair enough for people who want to ask us stuff while limiting the number of non-critical negative stuff. The anonymous part is really nice for a lot of people, and I understand that. But we just found that it’s more practical to keep questions and/or concerns off anon, especially if it’s serious stuff. But if it’s light-hearted stuff like what you’re asking, we don’t mind! 

Thanks for bringing this up, though! We seriously never thought of it before haha

not sure if this is technically a confession -…

not sure if this is technically a confession – but whenever the ask box is open I usually forget any opinions I had, but as soon as it closes I think of a bunch of things I could've sent in 😂

😹 I’m sure many are on the same boat as you are, anon! When I was still just a reader, I usually kept opinions on the notes app or something, so I didn’t lose them. Maybe next time 🌞 (I believe in you!!)