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I don’t understand the point in this blo…

I don’t understand the point in this blog having these rigid rules when you don’t follow them consistently? You give warnings for fights that aren’t even serious and then you let other fights continue without saying anything. You don’t always call out people for name calling unless someone directly @s you and says they want it to stop. I don’t think the rules are bad, but it seems you’re not consistent and you only penalize the blogs you don’t like.

Listen, Katherine and I are grown women – one of us has a full-time job and is also studying her butt off for a teaching license, and the other is a full-time student taking rigorous, upper-level classes with a physically-demanding job. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, we just don’t have the time to check every single opinion every single minute, and that it’s not us penalizing “the blogs we don’t like?” I don’t even know any blogs I dislike, if there are any??? We have absolutely no reason to dislike anyone unless he/she/they start breaking rules. 

As much as we love this blog and try to dedicate time, we can’t constantly watch over it. It’s not like we can rely on notifications either, with all the likes and reblogs we also get. I admit, a lot of people get away with stuff. That you’re not wrong about. But it’s not intentional. That’s why we rely on you all to notify us by @ing us or sending us a message. But we also have sent out warnings without anyone notifying us. 

And it’s not like we comply with every person who @s us, asking us to ban someone. There are many instances where we didn’t side with the person who @ed us. For example, there was one user who had a lot of ableist, homophobic, generally nasty stuff on her blog, who we were told so, so many times to block, but we didn’t initially because she wasn’t breaking rules on our turf.

I don’t know what else to say other than if you are still unhappy with how hard we try to be fair and attentive, you are more than welcome to leave.

A quick question for the admins! Once the ask …

A quick question for the admins! Once the ask box is open, do you actually wind up posting all 300 opinions or do about a third of them wind up deleted bc they don’t follow the rules? I’m just curious to know on average how many opinions are actually posted versus the 300 submissions that they or may not follow the rules. Thank you for your hard work!

It kind of varies from opening to opening, so there’s not really an exact average that I can tell you. But actually, we don’t delete many opinions for breaking rules these days. I became a main admin about six months ago; I can probably count the opinions I’ve deleted because of that on one hand, maybe two.  People have been really good at following submission rules, so thank you all for that! 

At the moment, it’s probably more likely that we delete an opinion for being repetitive.  But even then, that number would still be pretty small; we try reeeeaaaalllly hard to not do that unless we feel the topic truly has been covered from all angles. So to answer your question, the majority of our opinions will get published!  

That being said, sometimes (but hopefully not often) you might have to wait a bit to see your opinion get published. And that’s really just because we occasionally get busy with school/work or go on vacation, and then we end up holding onto whatever opinions we took from the ask box for longer than expected. So, don’t get worried if we say we’re opening the ask box and your opinion hasn’t been posted yet! If it doesn’t break the rules and/or isn’t something lots of people are submitting to us about, it’s likely one of us has it and is just busier than expected.  It’s 100% random, and definitely not personal!



(not a confession) Hi! I’m just wonderin…

(not a confession) Hi! I’m just wondering which types of confessions you guys reject? Do you reject any that aren’t mean, but just uninteresting?

Hi anon! 

We reject any opinion that breaks any of our rules. As for uninteresting opinions? We don’t flat out think, hey this opinions is boring – let’s trash. I think it’s that the opinions we reject for being repetitive (or that break really any of our rules) are also uninteresting. So while we don’t necessarily reject opinions for being uninteresting, the opinions we reject can seem uninteresting in our personal views (but again have no impact on whether we accept or not).

But this is not to say all the opinions we reject are uninteresting! Like 9 times out of 10, the opinions we get are super compelling 🙂

How do you admins decide when to do which conf…

How do you admins decide when to do which confessions? Like when you start them, do you just do them in the order they've come, or do you try to mix and match the confessions so you don't have 12 BTS confessions in a row?

I won’t speak for how the others do it since I think we have different processes, but I’ll tell you a little bit about what I do.  Personally, I’m somewhere in between the two: I start from the top of the ask box and keep scrolling down, but I also try to pick opinions about a variety of groups/idols/topics as I go.  I try to divide my posts so that I have an event amount of boy groups/male idols, girl groups/female idols, and general topics or “stats.”  There are some groups or situations that we get lot of opinions about (BTS, Black Pink, HyunA/E’Dawn, etc.), so I usually mix those in with stuff that we don’t usually get as many opinions about.  But it depends on what’s in the ask box, really! And I’m sure all you lovely followers know this, but I’ll say it just in case: I don’t choose opinions based on personal preference, and neither do the other admins. If I (or anyone else) use this method of jumping around, it’s really just about making sure there’s a variety of opinions and subject at any given time for our many diverse followers. Hope this answers your question!

– Katherine


I’m really glad the admins have taken co…

I’m really glad the admins have taken control over this page again. For a while I wasn’t even interested in leaving my thoughts on a post because I know it would’ve been a witch hunt and some commenters have gone a bit too far. I LOVE thy your really being tough on the rules and following them with consequences. You guys really work hard and that you for running this page the way you have. I love you!

Hi love! Thank you for your support and honesty. I’m so sorry we let you down during that period. We should have never let the blog get out of control like that, and I thank you for believing in us and sticking around to now feeling comfortable enough to share your wonderful thoughts. 

I’m not sure exactly when you stopped being active in the comments, but I’m assuming it was before my lovely co-main admin Katherine joined. I’ll admit.. I did not know what the heck I was doing in terms of enforcing rules. The only rules I really enforced were the rules set for submission. But commenters were kind of just there to fend for themselves.

I always thought of the admins as just chill and very free people. And we still are, but you can’t be chill or free when it comes to the safety of others. To be honest, I was kind of iffy setting so many new rules, especially for the comments, and enforcing them so strictly. I just didn’t want to seem like I was limiting free speech. But I’ve definitely now seen the problems with a completely free blog, and I think we’ve found a good median.

I remember there was this one… person. I say person because it was very obvious later on that this one person had multiple accounts and just wanted to hate on everything. For the first time since I’ve been a main admin, I got a fanmail asking us to block this person. For the first time. And by that time, I had been a main admin for a while. That kind of shows you the relationship that we admins had with you readers then. No one felt comfortable enough to tell us that anything was wrong because we never tried to make you all comfortable. And now, as sad as I am that I have to warn or block anyone, I’m so happy that so many of you are comfortable not only telling us about the issue but also that you tell us off anon. It really makes me happy.

This is so long LOL, and I don’t blame you if you left after reading like two words. Thank you all again for donating your time to this blog. I’m so incredibly proud of how far we’ve come and how much this blog has blossomed over the years, and I’m happy to have experienced this with you all.

Not a confession but ADMINS! THANK YOU ALL SO …



AND THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING US! 😆😆 We seriously do appreciate all the sweet words and support from not just anon but all of you, especially during all the mess and drama.

When I asked what timezone this blog is in, yo…

When I asked what timezone this blog is in, you said it didn't have one because the admins are from different places, but I meant like, what time zone does it post in. I was wondering just because I am an admin on another blog myself but I don't own the blog, so the original owner of it, who made the blog, has the blog posting in whatever time zone Spain is in lol (because she lives in Spain and I live in Canada and I couldn't figure out why something I posted at 3pm had a 9pm time tag on it)

Ohhh, sorry about that 😆 I didn’t realize setting an official timezone on a sideblog was a thing, actually! I just changed the timezone to be EST, which is what both Katherine and I go by. Before, it was in PST (which makes sense because the previous main admin was in PST)! I can see how confusing that could be! Luckily, we don’t have many problems with timezone stuff. 

(Off-topic, but I think it’s so cool that you work with someone in another country! It’s neat to see how different yet alike we all are. Personally, working with people of other countries on this blog has been really cool and definitely an eyeopener to how important diversifying the opening times is 😊)

hi is there an admin page on mobile where we c…

hi is there an admin page on mobile where we can get to know you guys better <3

Hi hi! Yes, there is! If you open our page through the Tumblr app, you see our image (the picture of Red Velvet) and title, and then a paragraph that starts our bio – it will say if the ask box is closed or open. If you click on that section of text, it will expand and show your our rules and a bunch of links you can click. The admin page is one of them!

That being said, I only know how to do this on an iPhone. It might be completely different on other phones. But if you wanted to look it up on a browser like Safari or Google Chrome, here’s the link:

There are only three admins listed on it now: Jimin, Gia, and myself. The three other admins are still in training, but will be introduced to you all very soon!

Oh and also: if you ever want to get to know us better, don’t hesitate to send us messages! I know we’ve said this for general concerns about the blog, but we enjoy getting to know you guys better too!

Love, main admin @katherinedoeskpop

Do you want/expect confessions to say &quot;co…

Do you want/expect confessions to say "confession" at the start of the message or..?

Nope! Whenever we open the ask box/submissions, it’s literally just for lovely people like yourself to send in their opinions and confessions. Sometimes we get a message that’s more general or for the admins, but we can tell which ones those are. So, you can just go ahead and type in whatever you want to write!


What timezone is this blog in?

What timezone is this blog in?

The blog doesn’t have an official time zone, because the admins are from all over! We load posts into our queue so that they can be published at all times of the day.  But if you want to contact a main admin, both us are on EDT!