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I listened to RM’s mixtape for the first time and I hated it. I never really saw non BTS fans talk about it, but maybe if I had read those kinds of reviews, I would have known ahead of time how lackluster it is. The entire vibe was super depressing, and most of the tracks sounded like he was just talking, not even rapping. Especially forever rain. It sounded like one of those audio book tapes people use to fall asleep to. I think the sad thing is when people check something out for the first time with either high or no expectation and they dislike it, it really bars them from checking anything else out.

Most of the songs off mono I quite like but I can’t get into moon child. I really dislike the singing bits in the chorus because they sound a like crooning to me. The mixtape just made me realise RM’s rapping is either a hit or miss for me

I just want to thank the Lord that RM and Suga decide to feature with Juice WRLD even though it’s the soundtrack for the game that I have zero interest to play. I hope now every ARMY out there realise how raw and genuine their passion towards type of music that they like and that’s what you called consistency, people. It just makes me can’t wait for their next solo album and I really really hope (at least) it’ll be before Suga goes to military.

It irks me that RM is STILL underappreciated in the BTS fandom. After mono., I thought people were starting to appreciate him more, but it feels like there still aren’t that many people who really appreciate how much work he puts in for the group and how passionate he is about not only music but also ARMY and the causes he believes in.

The reason why “But Namjoon” is a thing isn’t because people just like to bring him/army down for no reason. It’s because when an idol does something offensive, the first people to drag and cancel them are army. And they often say things like ‘this idol is trash they need to be canceled’ or ‘if you still support them then you’re garbage like they are’ and that’s so wrong. Especially since a lot of these army don’t even care about the issue at hand, or even think about the idol/group who was offensive. They just like being mean for the fun of being mean, and if they have a valid reason to drag, it’s even better. Namjoon has done some of the worst things an idol can do, and although he may be actively working to be a better person, as far as I’m concerned, I do not recall him apologising for some of his more deadly offenses. And no, giving a blanket response like “I’m sorry IF anything I said has ever hurt you” is NOT a proper apology, does not acknowledge the actual wrong, nor is it sincere.

RM’s rap in Boy with Luv was my favorite. The rap, the outfit, his carisma… he just killed it! And it also made me happy cus it’s been a while since a BTS tittle track had a long rap verse.

One of the best improvement and (for me) achievement for RM is he knows what kind of sound and artist he prefer to make if he wanted to make solo. And Crying Over You simply prove that, even though his english quite incorrect, but kudos to how the flow, lyrics, and melodies goes to in the song. I hope he can feature/produce more music like this because it so fit well on my taste!

I was legit happy with Rap Monsters comeback trailer but when the actual teaser came out with Halsey I was like seriously? I was hoping for another Skool Luv Affair era.

This is rather late but RM’s Mono album beat any and all expectations I had. I love how all the songs on the album flow so well together, and his singing voice is so calm and soothing and the lyrics are really relatable.

I will preface this by saying that i absolutely adore Namjoon, and he is definitely above average intelligent. But i’m so tired of his fans (and Namjoon himself occasionally) going around claiming that he has an IQ of 148 because he took an unofficial IQ test in middle school. Don’t get me wrong, his IQ may very well be that high, but taking a test that was not approved or supervised by a legitimate organization (such as mensa) that handles legitimate IQ tests do not count.