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I don’t know shit about rapping, but I feel like Sehun wouldn’t sound half that bad if he was just let to do his own thing instead of whatever mess he’s put to rap in Exo’s songs. He’s improved a ton since debut and everything he’s done lately with Chanyeol sounds amazing. Had I heard his parts in Borderline without knowing it was him, I wouldn’t have recognized his voice. It’s so interesting and beautiful. I think gentle and soft songs would suit his voice the best; like a poetic, lullaby-like solo from him. I just completely fell for Sehun’s voice after his long-awaited actual lines in Tempo.

“What a life” was so bad. Sm wasted beats for the least talented exo members

EXO-SC’s music video for “What A Life” reminded me of Winner’s “Everyday” MV, but on a budget, and I absolutely love that. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the song at first, but I’ve watched the video so many times, its definitely grown on me.

I feel like Sehun pops more as an artist outside of Exo. I don’t know what it is about his position in Exo, but even when he has a lot of lines or screen time in anything, I just don’t think he stands out that much, or really showcases what he can do. But when he’s solo, or even in his unit with Chanyeol, where the focus is at least 50% on him, he really showcases himself well. I’m always looking forward to more activities with him outside the group

ChanHun will be the best subunit of 2019. 🔥I’m pumped to see them burn the stage.

Admin Note: This subunit has now officially been named EXO-SC!

Everytime I listen to exo and I hear Sehun voice I wonder what he is even doing here. How can he be so shamelessly bad when exo is supposed to be “the best vocal” group. I know people who cannot sing are often put at the rapper post but even here its plain mediocrity.

I’m annoyed at how many Sehun fans are demanding he delete the photo he took of Seungri off his IG and bombarding his comments because they don’t want to have to cancel him. First of all, Sehun barely goes on IG anyways. He’s one of the most followed Korean Idols but only posts like 4x a month. And second, he doesn’t follow anyone and most likely doesn’t read his comments often. Only once in 4 years he took the time to read and respond to fans, which was amazing. But I doubt when he heard about Seungri he thought ‘oh well now it’s time to delete him off my social media’. There are much more demanding things going on, and this really doesn’t need attention. If I didn’t know that was a photo of Seungri, I would have assumed it was YoungJae (from Got7). It’s not that deep.

I don’t always feel bad for idols who don’t get a lot of screen time/lines, unless I know that being an idol is something that they genuinely wanted and worked hard for. For example, Johnny (NCT). He auditioned for SM because this is something he wanted, and he trained for almost a decade, and was treated like back up dancer #2 until recently. So I do feel bad for him when he’s overlooked or MIA in videos. On the otherhand: Sehun (EXO). SM had to chase him down the street and Sehun later admitted he became an idol not because he had a passion to be an entertainer, but because he wanted to support his family financially. And even though he spent ½ a decade getting shafted by SM, he is still one of the most popular members both domestically and internationally, and he is still making bank, which is what he wanted to do for his family in the first place.

Hunhan shippers having a wedding ceremony for Luhan and Sehun with exo’s cutouts is one of the creepiest things I’ve seen in 2018.

ive always liked sehun’s voice (including his singing voice) and i believe its sounded nicer over the years which really shows in “we young.” his and chanyeols singing voices were both really nice which made the song much better than it already was