You know…I’m always gonna be a little salty that seventeen didn’t win best dance male group (even though I know mnet is trash). I feel like the choreography for “Fear” was more artistic and more mind blowing, and it left a bigger impact on me than “Boy With Luv”. Not that I think it was bad, I just felt like it wasn’t as memorable and eye-catching as “Fear”.

First Scoups, now Jeonghan, Pledis doesn’t know how to manage Seventeen. Who thinks it’s a good idea to tire them to the point of forcing them to hiatus (one for mental health reasons, another for physical, who knows who else will fall) right before a world tour?

I would love to see another dance stage by Six-Pack (NCT’s Ten, Seventeen’s Dino, Astro’s Rocky, Romeo’s HyunKyung, Monsta X’s Shownu, Got7’s Jinyoung). It was insanely good when they performed 3 years ago and I just know that it would be even better now

I feel like I’m the only one who didn’t like Jeonghan’s long hair and doesn’t wish for it to comeback. It wasn’t bad, but short hair suits him way better. His recent undercut is his best hairstyle yet, and I’d actually go nuts if he ever had a buzzcut similar to what EXO’s DO had. Well, at least something good will come out of mandatory military enlistment.

There are certain times, mostly when wearing glasses where Wonwoo (Seventeen) and Mingi (Ateez) look like they’re related.

Hit was the very first title track by seventeen that I genuinely disliked from start to finish. I was hoping that their actual title track would be better but I ended up being disappointed once again. Honestly I just miss seventeens cute/fresh concepts, nowadays they literally blend in with almost any other boygroup music wise. Even the Korean public seems to be tired of their newer sound considering aju nice was the last song that did well on charts, everything else has just been going downhill

after watching their unexpected q episode, i want to watch a variety show that has omg seunghee and svt seungkwan as fixed casts. it’s so funny how they’re both fans of each other’s groups but once they meet it turns into a war zone lol

I think that there are some groups that quickly get irrelevant after a comeback and I think that depends on the songs and fans. For example seventeen and stray kids . They have huge fanbases but they are rarely talked about or “ the buzz ” as you would say. For seventeen home and hit were great but us carats are trash at promoting are group and stray kids side effects in my opinion was bad but they’ve got a lively fanbase. To truly stay relevant you must have both. Bwl and fancy still feel like they came out yesterday

This might sound stupid but I believe that seventeen is underrated. Or rather overlooked. 2 outstanding main vocalists, 2 mind boggling main dancers and 2 pretty great rappers. I feel like they are escaping the limelight these days and the fanbase is growing pretty slow.

Seventeen never fail to blow me away, and Fear once again shows their versatility, precision, and just all around talent. Hoshi especially, but I feel like I say that every comeback