This might sound stupid but I believe that seventeen is underrated. Or rather overlooked. 2 outstanding main vocalists, 2 mind boggling main dancers and 2 pretty great rappers. I feel like they are escaping the limelight these days and the fanbase is growing pretty slow.

Seventeen never fail to blow me away, and Fear once again shows their versatility, precision, and just all around talent. Hoshi especially, but I feel like I say that every comeback

Seventeen’s ‘Hit’, while not one of my favorites, if such a great song. It’s really interesting to see them experimenting a bit more with the cool style they used in ‘Getting Closer’. Also, the dance looks amazing; I can’t wait for them to post a dance practice.

Admin Note: This was sent in before SEVENTEEN released a dance practice video for “Hit.”

btob & svt are undoubtedly the 3rd gen male idol variety kings. no other boy groups come close to them

Jeonghan and Chuu have the most natural aegyo I have ever seen and I just want to be their friend so I can wrap them in blankets and give them my love

Seventeen gets praised a lot for their synchronized dancing but I also want their voices to be praised as well Seungkwan and DK are amazing power vocalists and everyone continues to steadily improve each comeback all 13 of them also have such unique and distinctive voices that I’m amazed that all their songs sound so cohesive and beautiful

I love seventeen’s distribution so much each member gets a time to shine whether it’s through lines or center or mv screen time or given songs in b sides seventeen was the first group I stanned and I never realized how fair the distribution was until I started getting into other groups sm take notes

personally out of all the 10+ membered groups in kpop, svt was the easiest for me to remember and distinguish each member. to me they all seem to have p specific/distinctly defined characters, and the subunit system helped a ton. ironically, nct’s unit system made me struggle a lot when getting to know their members and it took me ages to remember their names and which members were part of which units

I think comparing NCT choreo with SVT choreo is fruitless; it’s like apples and oranges, neither can be said to be objectively better than the other. NCT’s choreo style is more like hiphop dance crews while SVT is more reminiscent of something like a ballet or musical theatre troupe (even when they do ‘darker’ choreo). Both groups are very skilled but they have pretty different styles and strengths, so comparing the groups is mostly just a matter of preference

i think seventeen’s minghao is one of the most well-rounded idols right now. i think he’s one of the top dancers, his singing and rapping are both good, but, more than anything, he has some of if not the best stage and camera presence of the 3rd generation. he has a super charming personality and his photography and fashion that he does on the side are great too. i love to watch him perform, and i hope he continues to be even more successful!