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I think SHINee is one of the best musical groups of all time, k-pop and beyond. All of the members are very talented, some of them regarded as the top talents in their respective fields. They don’t play it safe by repeating the same concept over and over – they experiment a lot with different sounds and styles and offer a unique artistic approach. They’re fantastic performers. Furthermore their discography is SOLID. I think most people, stans or not, can agree with that. They never fell into the slump of having one or more album that isn’t as good as the others, which is sadly something many musical acts fall for. They’re just a really solid group that deserves everything they’ve achieved.

Shawols need to get off their high horses. It’s ok if people don’t like Shinee as it is to not like any other group. I personaly like them, but it is disgusting that shawols will call people who don’t tasteless and be mean to them. It’s called having an opinion, people! Just because they are an iconic group it doesn’t mean they are safe from criticism. Grow up.

There will never be a co-ed intergroup friendship quite like f(SHINee). Every time you see the members interact on camera they just seem so comfortable and relaxed and genuinely happy to see each other. They support each other’s careers and promote them when they have comebacks or solo ventures, not to mention the epic stage collab they had back in 2012. How many other groups could have had a co-ed collab like that without both their fanbases going absolutely mental in this day and age?

While SHINee has never had the kind of “explosive” popularity that tvxq, super junior, bigbang, exo, bts, etc had, sometimes I feel like they’re actually better off than the afore mentioned groups. They rose to top-ten status pretty soon, and have very consistently maintained that spot. They were never the number one best-selling group, but it’s easier to maintain a top ten spot rather than the number one spot.

I’ve been Minho biased every since i first got into shinee almost a decade ago, he always was very talented in many department: sports, acting, songwriting and dancing but he never got a chance to demonstrate fully his singing and rapping skills until he released his station “im home” which just made me so happy that finally was given a chance to show what he was capable off as a singer and writer and it made me want more of that i really really hope that when he returns he will be given his solo album that he deserves.

With the SHINee members starting to go on their enlistments, and EXO’s too, we NEED a Taemin/Kai sub-unit! It’d be legendary! Can you just imagine how it’d look? Ah! Amazing! They’d have the vocals, the rap AND the dance down. Let’s not forget the visuals, too. If only SM would do it!

Kai and Lay from EXO and definitely some of K-POP’s best dancers, their dancing is absolutely amazing! Also, along with Taemin of SHINee and Ten of NCT, I haven’t seen anyone better. They’re facial expressions, charisma, even their rapping and voices, their movements- Absolutely amazing. Maybe I’m being biased, but I watched a Kai fancam of ‘TEMPO’ and tears came to my eyes. Amazing.

Taemin’s “Want” album and Just2’s debut album are so good!!! Taemin always makes epic sounds, so it’s really his vibe, and Jus2’s music is so chill and with a great R&B vibe. I’m in love with their debut title track

“I wanna be” by Key ft. Soyeon has been one of the best releases this year…if not the best. SMstation always has bops.

Taemin has amazing talent but MOVE was so much better than WANT. It’s honestly the first SHINee comeback/release in years that I haven’t stayed up for to listen at release because the teaser was so unimpressive to me.