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The new SM boy group was a GREAT idea until SM said it would be permanet… SM??

All these SM defenders out here saying how the company has improved or was never that bad is making me sick to my stomach. You must be as xenophobic as the company to not see how they’ve always and continued to treat Chinese members as next to dirt.

will people realize that the Big 3 aren’t the top earning companies in
the industry, they’re the three that basically started kpop. You can’t
knock a company out of the big 3 they’re the reason all of your fave
groups exist.

Of all the Western x Kpop collabs out there, I definitely think SM does them the best. The collabs between their artists and non Asian artists are aways the best incorporated and well done, with songs that compliment all the singers. And that’s not to say that there aren’t any good Western x Kpop collabs not facilitated by sm artists, but just that SM does it the best, and makes the song sound like a proper collab, not just some popular western artists making a random appearance in a kpop song for 5 seconds with a few lines. Some of their best ones were definitely “Lo Siento” and “Don’t Need Your Love”.  

I am so annoyed by fans saying that SM is trying to ruin their own artists comeback. Just take a moment to think through that sentence. Why would a company try to ruin their own artist that are making them money? SM is petty about their past artist (that no longer make them money). They have no reason to mess up a comeback of an artist that is still profitable. Just because SM decided not to spend more money on promotion doesn’t mean they have some nefarious plan to ruin the artists. At the end of the day SM is a business and if they find out that an artist brings just as much money in without them having to spend a fortune promoting them, they will do so. Stop saying that they do it for malicious reasons.

SM may be trash at times, but one thing I’ll always appreciate is how much they invest in their idols. Even if their artists don’t get as much lines/screen time as we’d like, they all get some of the best dance, voice and language lessons out there and get the chance to improve whatever talent they have, even if it’s behind the scenes. Whether they’re making millions or small change, at least they were given the opportunity to hone their skills and to learn from the cut-throat industry that is kpop, and that’s something they get to keep for life.

It still bothers me that SM gave Drippin’, a song with a ton of sexual undertones, to a group of minors.

I HATE when people pull the big3 card whenever a big3 artist does well. Yeas, it does have some advantage to be heard (which the artist work hards to get so they deserve it.) but it’s not like Koreans are forcing themselves to listen and like the songs. If the song continue to chart high that means people liked it.

I hope artists whose companies are under SM C&C can be utilised alongside and integrated more with other SM artists like they did back in 2013/14 with ToHeart and Tasty performing in SM Town concerts. But I feel like those activities were partially to reassure fans that nothing major was going to change with Woollim and now when companies merge with SM C&C no one worries anymore so idk how realistic my hope is.

I understand the hate people hold against SM because of how they treat their artists but aside from that, I lthink the company is awesome. You can see they really put effort into every song, MV, editing and everything that goes along with it. They also produce music from various artists and I like the diversity. I’d like to applaud to these people who are behind this because performing the song is one thing but people forget that the crew also works just as hard as the idols.