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Infantalization in k-pop is gross and yet it’s always glossed over and no one ever talks about it. It’s so common and widespread and people really don’t seem to care (and often even encourage it).

Stop stanning someone because they are dating is just NOT GOOD at all, I don’t see this problem in western music and artists but why is it such a mess in kpop? Fans are the same generally but kpop seems to have some weird people around this is just sad.

I read that someone said “the company decides the idols hairstyle, it’s not their fault”. So you are telling me this group has freedom to write their own lyrics, and produce their own music but can’t choose their own hairstyle?

People acting surprised when an idol who were heavely critised for their looks drastically change themless to reach the standard set by society. If only people couls see the toxicity of words being said

I hate how people are trying to push this narrative that girl groups are ~empowering~ for women or something. Fans be like yaaaas queens of feminism and female empowerment, when in reality these ggs are controlled by old men and corporations with the goal of making money, and a lot of the idols look mildly to extremely uncomfortable doing certain concepts. There’s nothing empowering about any kpop girl group.

I don’t think a lot of people mean it to be, but I think calling groups overrated is really rude. It just looks petty to me, you’re basically arguing that they shouldn’t be as liked or popular as they are. Yeah that’s a hard no from me.

Do K-pop fans realise you can just dislike something. Like, you can say you don’t like Rosé or Jimin or whoever’s voice without trying to justify it by bringing up technique, especially when it’s clear you don’t actually know what you’re talking about. You CAN just say you don’t like something.

This is such a silly opinion and is really just a pet peeve of mine but I am so sick of people acting like girl crush and etc are the only way to be ‘badass.’ I can understand not liking a concept because you don’t like how it sounds or how it looks but I feel like many people who enjoy girl crush concepts behave as if cute concepts and other concepts are not valid or ‘good enough.’ A cute girly concept doesn’t make women weaker and a cute concepts for boys doesn’t invalidate masculinity.

Kpop Idols work so hard but the reality is their peak time is from 17 to 26 years of age after that there are new Idols who get more attention from their companies. I hate saying this but Idols are replaceable.They train so much and work so hard and their time in the spotlight lasts for a maximum of 8 or lesser years. Also in those spotlight years of theirs they don’t earn as much to save up for the later years when they can’t be as famous.

as much as i dislike fansites whitewashing idols, i also dislike it when restore accounts edit fantaken pictures like the pictures belong to them. i know you just want to appreciate the idols’ skin tone, but what you’re doing is stealing someone’s work and making it your own. you can’t fight crime with crime.