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This may be random but I would honestly love to see traditional Korean clothing used in more performance outfits, kind of like a mix between modern&traditional styles?. I was a j-pop fan before being introduced to kpop so I’m used to this being more common with idol groups in Japan (MomoClo, AKB48 etc) but I think it would be quite interesting to see with kpop considering Korean traditional clothing is just as beautiful.

If you have to listen to a song 500 times just to like it, then you don’t really like it, you simply grew a tolerance for it. I shouldn’t have to say that, but the amount of times I’ve seen kpop stans force themselves to listen to songs they don’t like just because their faves released it is laughable. I personally don’t give a damn who releases a song, if I don’t like it then I’m not going to force myself to listen to it until I get used to it. I’ll listen to a song twice, and if I don’t like after the second time then I won’t listen to it again.

I feel like after seeing the awesome success other certain loop groups have had companies have started to debut more groups in hope of getting a sip of the international exposure and national hype that kpop has recently been getting. I feel like the members have also this mindset and when they ( the companies or members ( especially international members )) don’t achieve that almost instant fame they bail out . like cherry bullet my favourite gg I think 3 members left? And 2 were foreign . Tbh I don’t blame them. The industry is mentally and physically tolling and putting your all into a situation where it’s pointless and you believe you won’t reach your goal is tough. Especially away from family. That’s why I really admire big groups from originally small companies. Your chances of success are so low but never zero and that’s a mindset I admire.

Line distribution videos are useful, but people need to stop overvaluing them. Those don’t take positions, adlibs, shared lines, “killing parts”, or member’s ability to sing live into consideration. It’s just natural that main vocal has more lines than sub rapper. I don’t mean to say there are no unfair distributions. But often I see fans getting mad when all members don’t have the exact same seconds of lines. Line distribution can be fair without being perfectly equally divided.

2020 is going to be really interesting bc of the amount of crazy successful rookies coming out of 2019 (txt itzy x1 everglow ab6ix etc) all these groups will be doing their best to solidify their place in the industry which means tons of great music for us but also probably a lot of pressure for the new rookies (ssnbg, smngg, woollimnbg etc) don’t know where i’m going with this i just really think it’s going to be interesting and there’ll be a lot happening with the start of the new decade etc

I love when smaller companys actually invest good money into their groups ofc its risky when its a new company with no big names backing them but it shows me that they actually want their groups to succeed. Their are some groups that debut with a mv that looks like it cost $10 to make and a song the ceo just threw together or something and then what? Do they expect these groups to even be in the running to hit big? It’s a comedy if you can’t afford to make an idol group then don’t.

Kpop fans need to stop making scandals bigger than they are. All these #protect your faves is getting annoying. Mainly because it extends past the initial incident and fans start bringing up past out of context situations to make their fave look like a perpetual victim that needs defending. You guys are the reason idols are lonely cuz ppl walk on eggshells around them lest their fans flip a narrative that paints them as an abuser. If the idol says it’s cool, stop trying to make it an issue!

I can’t understand people who refuse to stan groups with more than 9 people y’all are cowards and can’t appreciate the sheer chaos and talent I love super junior, seventeen, wsjn, loona, and I’m going to continue to stan nct even if they end up with 2000+ members

I lowkey don’t feel bad for idols who loose fans when it is found out that they are dating. Like people will say that ‘they are human etc’ and whatnot and they are right. But they also benefited and made money from the young fans that were sold an image. And I don’t believe idols are dense and NOT know how the bf image benefits them. And if people are not gonna act like this is a hug factor in popularity then why do people say stuff like ‘they should have waited until X year before they dated’

The trend of uber popular groups promoting for like two weeks, amd scoring all the wins in that time and then just disappearing is really condescending to me. I understand that they’re busy but they’re other times in the year where they’re doing nothing and they could promote then instead.