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honestly, after the incident with chan in april, stay fandom really went downhill. i don’t think it was right to mindlessly defend him, but what really made me sick was some stays calling pocs racial slurs and other horrible stuff. i can’t believe how immature and disrespectful some of you were and still are. always treat others with respect and how you wanna be treated. i thought yall were taught this in grade school.

Stays are such fucking hypocrites. For the longest time they were really out here acting like they were “woke” and all that but the minute that Chan fucked up they sent black stays who were rightfully pissed off at him some of the nastiest racial slurs that could’ve possibly been said. They really out here jumping through hoops just to defend Chan and I can’t deal with them anymore. Stays are cancelled until further notice.

I decided to stop being a stay when I saw how not-black stays reacted to Chan’s hair scandal. You can feel however you want I guess, but we shouldn’t try to invalidate black fans who were offended. And to see that some not black stays even called others the n word was gross, I don’t want to be associated with that.

After everything they did/said to black kpop fans it’s safe to say that Stays have won the title of most racist new fanbase

JYP really missed a great opportunity to name the Stray Kids fan club “HOME”. Calling them “Stay” seems really sad to me, like a mom begging her child to stay but “Home” seems more uplifting like even when they’re gone they will always find their way back home.