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Stray Kids’ I Am You is underrated as a title track.

The Pops in Seoul script is hilarious and horrifying at the same time because on the one hand we get to watch Felix cringe his way through the bad jokes and promote SKZ at every possible opportunity, but on the other hand some of the scripts are just plain weird and seem to make him a little uncomfortable, and a video about “How to hide the fact that you like Kpop”? That definitely throws me off, and a couple of other videos were kinda questionable too…

Woojin from Stray Kids really needs a solo. His voice is one of the most unique voice I’ve heard in a long time and it needs more appreciation and opportunities to shine.

3racha will never write a better masterpiece than Wow. 😫 They came close with N/S for Stray Kids, but still. 😩

There are so many idols’ who’s voices just entrance me. Red Velvet’s Yeri, Loona’s Jinsoul, Stray Kids’ Lee know, Nct’s Jungwoo, CLC’s Seunghee. I don’t know exactly why, but I just melt everytile i listrn to them.

Why are stays getting so defensive over ot8/2racha stans? Bang Chan has now fucked up TWICE, and honestly speaking I feel like black stays have every right to unstan him if they choose to. As long as they aren’t sending him any hate I don’t see the problem.

“Illuminated by the light on my laptop” will forever be the line that makes me go crazy over Bangchan.

When I found out that Steven Kim was an former JYP trainee and a potential candidate for the Stray Kids lineup, I was thinking of the fact that Stray Kids could‘ve have 3 members in its Aussie line and wanting to see the shenanigans from that. But at the same time, I wouldn’t trade any of the current nine members we currently have for anyone.

Felix from Stray Kids is a really good singer, IMO he’s actually better than some of the people who do most of the singing for the group. I know he’s kinda stuck rapping but they literally only let him rap for the whole deep voice gimmick and even though he’s not a bad rapper, they’re already so many good rappers in their rap line so I wish they’d let him sing.

Stray Kids’ cover of fancy by Twice was truly terrible. They managed to kill the nostalgic, warm, fuzzy feeling the song gives you, and the autotune honestly sounds a little off. With the exception of Jisung and Seungmin their stage presence was very meh, and you could tell they were struggling to remember the choreography. Chan literally forgot a whole chunk of the choreo for the song. Their DTNA cover was much better.