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Astronaut by Stray Kidz deserve the promotion that Levanter currently has. And so is back then Thanks by Seventeen. And One Degree by GOT7. Also The Eve by EXO. Why the companies always put boring/too much/uncatchy/“just nah” in general kind of song as their title track and worse decided to promote it heavily? Did they seriously think public will like it or if it’s not, their groups fandom will salvage the song chart and quality? Don’t they know that, bad song is just plain bad song in general?

I don’t know how to feel about Bang Chan anymore. On one hand, I do genuinely believe that he was ignorant and didn’t intend to hurt anyone with his actions. He’s tried to indirectly apologize a few times already (as we all know JYP is stopping him from saying anything directly). However, given how many idols have hurt me with their antiblackness, I’m still reluctant towards stanning him again. I know all of this shit went down months ago, but for some reason I don’t feel like I’m totally over it. I feel like even if I do decide to restan, I’ll always be wary of him in case he fucks up again.

Anyone who decides to hate on all of Stray Kids because of one member’s mistake is a dumbass. There are seven other members in the group, literally all you have to do is ignore Chan. Matter of fact, ignore the whole group for all I care. I understand not wanting to stan them because of Chan, but flat out hating on the other members just because Chan acted like an idiot is not fair. The other boys didn’t do anything wrong, there’s no reason why they should be treated like shit.

Unpopular opinion: People need to get over Woojin leaving Stray Kids. It’s sad that he left but constantly bringing him up and editing him to photos won’t bring him back. In my opinion at this point try to get over or stop stanning

I think that there are some groups that quickly get irrelevant after a comeback and I think that depends on the songs and fans. For example seventeen and stray kids . They have huge fanbases but they are rarely talked about or “ the buzz ” as you would say. For seventeen home and hit were great but us carats are trash at promoting are group and stray kids side effects in my opinion was bad but they’ve got a lively fanbase. To truly stay relevant you must have both. Bwl and fancy still feel like they came out yesterday

honestly, after the incident with chan in april, stay fandom really went downhill. i don’t think it was right to mindlessly defend him, but what really made me sick was some stays calling pocs racial slurs and other horrible stuff. i can’t believe how immature and disrespectful some of you were and still are. always treat others with respect and how you wanna be treated. i thought yall were taught this in grade school.

Stray Kids’ I Am You is underrated as a title track.

The Pops in Seoul script is hilarious and horrifying at the same time because on the one hand we get to watch Felix cringe his way through the bad jokes and promote SKZ at every possible opportunity, but on the other hand some of the scripts are just plain weird and seem to make him a little uncomfortable, and a video about “How to hide the fact that you like Kpop”? That definitely throws me off, and a couple of other videos were kinda questionable too…

Woojin from Stray Kids really needs a solo. His voice is one of the most unique voice I’ve heard in a long time and it needs more appreciation and opportunities to shine.